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This ebook helps you understand stories and how to build your brand statement using storytelling skills that sell. The art of story development is a part of business and brand growth that’s gradually emerging. Adverts and commercials are driven by powerful stories that people connect with. This is why Discover Storytelling is the perfect place to start your learning process. Whether as a top executive or a young starter, there’s a lot you can achieve with your stories. Here are things you will learn by reading this book:

  1. Stories and their capacity to attract exceptional results in life and business.
  2. The relationship between personality and brand growth. so these principles are not detached from your humanity.
  3. In-depth awareness of your your life’s journey.
  4. Practical visualization of brand writing process.
  5. Digital tools for creating an online presence.

This is not just a book of stories, it is also a guide. Included in the book are helpful visual representations of the ideas discussed, samples and practicable steps. You would be able to write your brand statement after reading this read. You would also be exposed to simple solutions to issues like why your stories count, what you should do with them and digital tools you need.


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