This book launch and event mark a major milestone in the growth of the cfwriterz community. On the 3oth of Novemeber 2017 we will launch the “Quills from Africa 30” an anthology by cfwriterz which is published by AWB Publishers. Also on that day, we will release the second edition of “Freedom Magazine” which recorded close to 2,000 downloads in the first edition of the year 2017. We implore all members to join the promotions team by sharing the adverts and links on their social handles. 

For Preorders

Check and use the links below:


You can also visit the webshop to make direct preorders:

  1. Quills from Africa 30.
  2. Freedom Magazine


We are offering advert placements for businesses, published authors, websites, and brands to promote their work through this magazine’s distribution channels. Pricing ranges between 1000-5000naira per advert. All adverts must be paid and submitted on or before 20th November.

Available ad space:

1. 5 full page adverts. @ 5,000 naira each
2. 10 half page adverts. @ 2,000 naira each
3. 10 combined adverts @ 1,000 naira each
contact group admin or email [email protected] for further inquiries.
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