Erhu Kome Yellow, Indie Author of Dawsk in an Exclusive Interview reveals her motivation!

Erhu’s love for speculative fiction is one that makes you wonder how long before she shines through like Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bones”.

We definitely look forward to reading more from her soon.

Her writings have featured on cfwriterz and more recently on Agbowó’s LIMITS ISSUE, a piece which she titled “Made of Water”. She says it involves some astroprojecting. Well, we just had to catch up with her in this interview. In more interesting news, The December Cfwriterz Magazine (Collins Elesiro Literary Prize) is themed after her book “Dawsk”.

Most of what I write, I write to impress my younger sister.

Erhu Kome Yellow

The Interview with Erhu Kome

Q 1: Briefly tell us about yourself and your writing.

Erhu: Erhu Kome Yellow is an Urhobo writer. She mostly writes speculative fiction for young adults. Her stories have been shortlisted for awards and have been published in literary magazines, anthologies and even as a Google Ad. She is obsessed with Bob’s Burgers, Anime and Paranormal TV shows. She hopes to speak Japanese and Spanish one day without stuttering.

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Q 2: What kind of writing do you do most frequently?

Erhu: Speculative fiction

Q 3: What’s the cleverest thing you have done as a writer?

Erhu: The cleverest thing I’ve ever done as a writer is coming up with the premise for my Urban Fantasy bizarro fiction forthcoming from Eraserhead Press and getting to write it.

Q 4: Do you think publishing is a big deal?

Erhu: For a writer, publishing is a big deal. Having someone say ‘What you’ve created is so good, let’s bring it out in the way people can get to see it, appreciate it and even be inspired by it,’ is the dream.

Q 5: How would you describe your book (s)?

Erhu: Hardworking nurse Simisola Oladeji is unlucky in love. When reclusive billionaire Aiden Essien walks into her life, she knows there will be no future with him and even more so when she stumbles upon his bloodthirsty secret. She is safer reuniting with her long-lost boyfriend Femi, surely? Caught between the two, trouble is never far away as she discovers some disturbing truths about her past life. A dark force is rising and the messy trio is going to have to fight, together, to save lives.

Q 6: What award or achievement keeps you impressed with yourself?

Erhu: Getting two publishing contracts in one year.

Q 7: Tell us about home and your family, how they like your work.

Erhu: Most of what I write, I write to impress my younger sister. She is eager to read my work and cheer me on. I think she has read Dawsk three times or so, lol. My fiancé, he’s also a huge fan. He supports me in any way he can. He prefers reading my shorter works though.

A Book Reading of Dawsk by Erhu Kome Yellow

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