Collins Elesiro is set to publish his debut book ” The Triumvirate of Life”.

On the Evolution of Humankind, all we have are questions and guesses. We can only unearth more clues to the origin of man as the world progresses, maybe we can agree on a definite conclusion.

Though the knowledge about our past may be limited, and we can’t accurately say what our future will be, there is one thing we know for a fact, and that is our present, it is all we have.

So the important question is; why are we here?

Many Philosophers and Religious Scholars have also taught and expounded on the subject matter as to why humankind was formed, and since the answer isn’t farfetched, the real question should be; “Why was the Earth Formed?”

Many people believe there is a reason for Earth’s existence. We believe that God, nature, or whatever we decide to believe in controls human affairs on Earth, and adjusted the condition of this planet Earth amongst others to inhabit life favourably.

Little wonder the Earth is the only planet that is known to harbour life.

Anticipate the book; coming out soon…