I just saw a post by a friend,  he promised to write stories for people because he was bored and probably lonely and horny. Now sex is both a depressant and a stimulant, I think he chose a perfect moment to write. Like sex, there are a lot of odd situations that stimulate creativity and I would like to share some odd situations where I think a writer should write. I have tried some of these moments and they really worked, in fact I am in one or more of such moments as I write this.

You can add to this list by commenting but I will just start out with my own ideas.

1.  When you are Horny: those times when your brain craves release and you feel horny, just pick a pen and write about it.
2. After a breakup: this could be a really sad time or sometimes confusing  but write.
3. When all you want to do is just sleep and do nothing.
4. When you are unemployed or broke.
5. After you fall in love.
6. While on a bus that’s travelling like a snail.
7. On the ATM queue, instead of shoving and quarrelling with others on the queue.
8. In church, when the sermon gets really boring and you feel like dozing.
9. Before a date, while you are waiting you can write instead of getting all grumpy about being stood up.
10. After sex. Your emotions could be high or low depending on the outcome so use those emotions to write.
11. After a bad quarrel with your friend or family.
12. When you are searching for something and your stress level is high.
13. After or during a training session. Like I do when I finish my writing courses on Udemy.
14. After a sad movie.
15. After a romantic movie.
16. When you get a rejection notice.
17. After getting a pay cheque.
18. When you miss your period.
19. After an HIV negative result.
20. After taking a big dump and your bowels are feeling all satisfied.

Most of us know how to write,  one major issue we have is “when to write”. The list above can help you, just identify what works for you and you can add to this list via comments.