The prophet has just finished tapping their foreheads. They have been slain in the spirit. The one girl confesses to being a lesbian and that the other girl also receiving a similar treatment is her partner.

We watch on; nothing runs out of them, no sprites or demons flee their “temples.” They simply hit the paved floor in successive turns. The church cheers.

In a few minutes, it’s all over. The TV captures it all and someone in the media crew brands the clip before sending the tweets and regrans.

You and your family walk out of the church in uncomfortable silence. One of your boys has never been seen with a girl, he hardly even talks about the girls in the neighbourhood. Is he also gay? you ask yourself, his father is looking on straight ahead, not flinching. You have never even broached such a talk with your husband about testing the sexuality of your children.

Initially, the problem used to be separating the boys and girls, putting men and women on different pews in the church. Now it’s a much bigger problem. You don’t know whether to suggest that the church mix your children with their counterpart opposite sexes. You wonder if your boy would still sit far away from all the girls. Now you must worry. It’s no longer a sign of sanctification. Maybe all those brothers in the 60’s; with their sanctimonious repulsion for women, were all closet queers.

But you will still not talk about sexuality when you get home. It’s still a taboo subject. Imagine if you knew your parents were having sex, imagine the way it would have altered your reality. How do you even start telling your girls about their vagina or how penises are meant only for vaginas and not buttholes? These things confuse you. They confuse most people, even your friend who has three daughters.

She had once mentioned hiring a sex therapist for her married daughter who seemed too shy to talk about her marital problems. You think again. What if the holy spirit can just fix everyone? What if with a tap from the anointed man of God’s hands, promiscuity could be cast out just like lesbianism and gay spirits?

You wonder how this part of the anointing works? These questions are tough but you need answers at least for the sake of your son. He has to pick asoebi by the special grace of God, nobody will steal your day of joy. You wrinkle your brows, squeeze your face in deep contemplation, you want Prophet to explain how you can also conduct a private deliverance just in case. If there are no other options existing you would have to opt for public shame and deliverance than for your son to marry another man like himself. It’s Sunday again and you have just been tossed into a quagmire of sorts, miracles are miracles anyways, thanks be to God!!