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5 Mobile Applications would speed up your writing process. 

I want to recommend 5 powerful apps for writers before I go off today, they make you achieve more in less time.
These apps are:

No 1:: WordPress Mobile

If you own a WordPress site, this app helps you manage it from your mobile phone. Whether it is self-hosted or free, you get to post from your phone and also get to schedule posts.

No 2:: Color Note

This app looks like a notebook, you can easily jot writing ideas before they disappear. Also, it gives you a sync to your Gmail account which ensures that you don’t lose your work even when your phone gets damaged or lost.

No 3:: Writer P and Sync

This functions much like Color Note but it allows you to create folders and organize your projects. Remember to download the sync application separately to avoid loss of your work.

No 4:: Scrivener

This is a powerful organizer for writers, it helps to put your story in good shape, you organize your plots and research easily. It is not free but there is a free app that works similar to it, will share this with you in another post.

No 5:: Grammarly

This is a web-based Editor. Before you get an editor, use Grammarly. It corrects your punctuation, it gives you hints on misused words and helps you correct your work. It has advanced features but you have to pay for those.

If you found this useful, share it with your contacts and tag me. Also, add the group link to those who may want to also benefit can join,  cheers to your new writing speed!

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Damilola is co-author of Life's Chrysalis. His fiction and nonfiction works have appeared in The Naked Convos, Africa on the Blog, The Guardian News Nigeria, Sahara Reporters, Pulse NG, Viva-Naija News, and Tuck Magazine. Damilola is a past winner of the Biopage international essay contest. He offers an African perspective to stories of his lived experiences. Damilola is an IREBS for African Real Estate Doctoral Scholar at the University of Pretoria. He is also the Head of Media and Strategy at Upside Africa. He creates websites, web content, and offers, Amazon publishing, copywriting & ghostwriting services.
Find his personal blog, training resources, services, and portfolio on jonathanoladeji.com.

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