We have been compiling emagazines for over a year now and most of our readers use their mobile phones or computers. This experience is both challenging and exciting. With the endless debate between paper lovers and digital, we know you might want to have paper copies.

On one hand we have to consider those who prefer hard paper books and on the other those who want eBooks for free. It’s undeniable that mobile books are growing. There are more publishing opportunities for talented writers to build their reach and gain recognition. Our cfwriterz bookstore is a good example, we now have more than 60 stories published..

Let’s do a quick list together of reasons we all love digital. Your list might not be that different from mine.

Here are top 7 reasons why I think digital rocks:

1. People can’t borrow your book and refuse to return them. We all can have copies with mobile. How many hard paper books do we have to lose to friends who never plan to buy their own books?

2. Mobile is handy, obviously. You don’t need to pack a suitcase full of books on your next trip.

3. Digital is interactive! Your book almost comes alive with meaning. I mean, you get to even crosscheck words you don’t know in your dictionary. This could be as fast as just a click.

4. Get a quick high! You don’t have to get to the library or bookshop to get a dose of some of your best reading.

5. Your books don’t get mistakenly eaten by the baby. Your phone might get eaten though 😂.

6. You get to read more books at snail speed. Ebooks are lazy people best friends. For those who borrow library books and can’t go beyond page 7 before return date, Ebooks are here to save you.

7. Digital is why we can get so much variety. A lot of great stories don’t have the money for paperback.

I think digital is fun and exciting. There are so many funny reasons why many of us are choosing ebooks over paperback. These are 7 that top my list.
Hope this list is what you also have. You can comment with your list of reasons for choosing paperback or digital. We might share your list for others to see. I hope you are anticipating the June magazine, it’s going to be available on digital and the cfwriterz team is excited.   You should subscribe to our list so you get a copy in your email.

Here’s a video we put together to tell you how much we appreciate your support.