I don’t understand men who respect their mothers like nobody’s business but disrespect their wives just as much.
If you’ve seen a woman struggle through pregnancy, you would understand that it takes a lot of devotion to choose such a predicament for anybody.

I have read somewhere that children are like parasites when women are pregnant. The child “feeds on her,” makes her sick, nine months of hellish discomfort.  I saw the video of a baby dancing gwaragwara in the mom’s womb.

In my mind , knew that baby was probably like me. Children that will practically not allow their mothers to sleep.
Probably the child was fishing for some night snack while the mother was relaxing. Or having international call back to the homeland “I’m almost there guys, this ship is quite stuffy! Is there no other way we can improve on this transport?”

Women are the future actually. She plays the role of both a slave and a god. To the one who needs her most; her husband, she could be a god or a slave. To her son, she is a god.

I don’t understand how we switch these roles. A man who cannot sleep without cuddling with his woman, comes out to treat her like a mere commodity to please other men who also cannot sleep well.

I remember my mum kissing me on the cheeks as a kid, I felt embarrased by it. I guess I had been fed those crazy genes that make men shy away from publicly acknowledging their affection for the women in their lives.

It’s like the only place a woman is allowed to take center stage in our hearts and mind is behind closed doors. Where no one knows that she actually means the world to us. In fact, women mean the world. Women are the center stage, there is nothing wrong with showing them that you adore or appreciate them.

For me they will always remain mysterious like death and life. I can never wrap my head around the mechanism of a ordinary stomach turning into a baby house. I know it’s the uterus ooo but how they do that nine months of hosting other humans, I don’t get it.
I will always remember how my mom tried hard to make me comfortable with her pecking me in public. Happy international women’s day to her and you my queen; when you show up.