The Magic Words by Angel Messi


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The Magic Words is a mesmerizing, stay-glued-to-hand book of bravery, survival and ruthless words. The forest of Alkmaar, under the watchful eyes of the Wizard Wolf of Alkmaar, enjoyed tremendous peace, until mysterious evil ghouls escaped from the book of all ages -the Diconieri. The Ghouls hunted a special kind of creature (The Fairy Cule), for its ability to give them immense
power and immortality. Rabsy, Ratsy and Rupert -the three rabbit brothers; knowing the good in the Cule’s heart, are determined to help the fairy being by participating in the mystical game of ‘Spellorama’; a feat which if successful will save the Cule, his son and the entire animal kingdom. But is Spellorama a game for mortals?

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