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    Story of the Storyteller is a collection of stories set in modern day Nigeria. It is a book that talks about the essence of LIFE, the pursuit of Happiness, the agony of Failure and the joy of Success. It is a collection of thoughts that the average African is not allowed to think or talk about.
    Over the years, depression in the lives of young adults and adults has drastically increased. Suicide has grown popular, religion has taken over the polity, and culture judges morals. These earth-shattering issues are seldom talked about.

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    Arise Nigeria is a collection of poems that documents the pain of every Nigerian while issuing positive measures to oust the different menaces where the country has found itself. The richness of this chapbook lies in the depth different writers went in scribbling their hearts.

    Nigeria is at the stage where the crows of the cock have been suppressed and the fish in danger of swimming in its own domain.; a center stage of having a surplus of meat yet, feasting on strong bones with sweat emanating from different pores of the body.

    For the sake of jilted souls and diverse anomalies in this entity, the cries have gotten to its peak hence, the book.

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    NYSC is full of experiences. ‘Missing’ is a work of fiction woven around the lives of ‘Corpers’ and explores friendship, independence politics & adventure.

    In a fleeting moment of curiousity, a female National Youth service Corps member is abducted. In the days that follow, she and her friends uncover a mind boggling conspiracy.

    Set in Benin – Nigeria, Missing is a thrilling story that keeps you riveted till the end.

    Follow @simi_stories on IG to reach out to Simi (the author). Please check your email for a download link.

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    If Human is a debut collection of stories by Chika Aliogo (Chykah Bro). Divided into three sections that promises nothing short of humor and entertainment through the diversity of its stories.

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    Bathsheba is an audio story of the biblical Bathsheba as told from a place you haven’t taken the time to imagine. The voices, audio effects and scores put you through a wild journey. With 2000+ downloads, Isaac Newton Akah’s Bathsheba is the thrill you need, and the intrigue you didn’t bargain for.

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    A young boy from a family of four is faced with a difficult family dilemma just as every other member of his family is. His father had decided to add to
    the family in a way that posed a threat to other members of the family; and while his mum seemed helpless, the boy alongside his brother was
    determined to distort his father’s intended move. The young boy had a scary dream that morning and that only compounded his worry. He suddenly realized that the situation at hand was more complex than he could have imagined it to be.

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    Fallen Angel is a debut novel from the stables of Facebook’s Queen of suspense, Queenbee Aurora. It is a bloodcurdling tale of love, sex, abuse, hate and revenge curled into one suspense-filled romantic story of a high-class prostitute, who became a prostitute after suffering different abuse at the hand of a man, whom she was forced to marry. It tells of her travails as a high-class prostitute, falling in love with a billionaire widower and her struggle to keep her past, from destroying her new life.

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