A Pilgrim of Songs


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Nosakhare Collins, an all round beautiful soul and amazing writer. This collection of poems brings to fore the human hunger for celebration of music, the acceptance and the freedom to live in the power of songs, whether these songs sing of light or darkness.
—Sharamang Silas
Award Winning poet

… while a pilgrim of songs might not seem like an unparalleled feast of melody on the surface, Nosakhere Collins successfully delivers a work of intriguing poetry that’s gratifying enough to beckon our heart to dance to the tune of a pilgrim at peace with the stars.
—Dhee Sylvester
Poet, novelist, screenwriter, literary critic and author, ‘From God to Man’

Nosakhare Collins espouses African philosophy and tradition in a way that takes one back to African poetics of old. The stories your poems tell are original and well carved
—D.M. Aderibigbe
Multiple Award Winner Poet & Author ‘In Praise of Our Absent Father’

“A pilgrim of songs” reveals the contrails of our post Enlightenment era— the travails, fragments and explosions of human sub-consciousness. The real poet exposes the soul’s inner rumblings in undying songs. Here, we are summoned to the griot’s acoustic cords.
—Francis Annagu
Poet, Literary critic and Author, ‘Our Land In The Beak Of Vultures’ & ‘Song of the Red Ant’

This collection is a journey into a medley! The lyrics of the poems pluck at the heart, softly, singing a cocktail of sadness, nostalgia, lost love and silence. Nosakhare finds the soul of songs; he masterfully creates beautiful emotional tides that are sad but not dark, lonely but not lost – he pours water into wildfires and sings quiet songs!

The language is simple; the mood understands the nuance of balance – a blend of passion, beauty and logic. A pilgrim of songs is a chronicle of broken lyrics and forlorn tunes; a tale of a voice seeking a city of thunder and sunshine to diffuse the silence & darkness. It is yet a story of fingers contemplating rhythms of light & rain, hope for trodden flowers.
— Jide Badmus,
Award winning poet and Author “There Is A Storm in My Head”

Every practiced eye can recognize when a poet has scratched the bottom of his or her mind to scoop to the satisfaction of his or her readers, the dredge of his or her musings. In Nosakhare Collins’ “a pilgrim of songs,” every line of each song is a didactic piece; a fragment of the poet. I’d like to refer to this chapbook as, “The Song of Songs! A priceless rare thing!
—Graciano Enweren
Award Winning Spoken word poet

“Nosakhare Collin’s “a pilgrim of songs” offers a panoptic solace; it is a tender string of heartfelt songs.”
— Tolulope Oke
Lunaris Review’s publisher

The poems in this collection resonate with the vibrancy of agelessness as Collins blends the traditional with the modern effortlessly. He has succeeded in bringing us back home to Africa with his poems… This is quite an amazing work.
— Edidiong Etukudoh
Poet, Literary critic

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