Regan knew he was not dreaming, he was dead. The last thing he remembered was closing his eyes and getting stabbed in his dream. Somehow he knew when he was no longer in the dream. He looked back and the only thing he saw was his lifeless body just lying there floating just like it had the previous times. This was the fourth time in a row this was happening. He had made up his mind to tell his best friend and twin sister Lilly but she had been too exhausted from working at the cafe all day. ‘Next time’ he said. Right now there might not be a next time.

Regan started to walk through something that looked liked a fog. He knew exactly what to do. He was used to it. All he had to do was Imagine how he wanted his environment to be and boom it was it. He could be on the statue of liberty if he wished it so. He pushed himself a bit to find the little girl stretching out her hand and smiling as she had done before. He knew by now that taking her hand will bring him back to life and that is exactly what he did.

It was four in the morning. Regan couldn’t close his eyes anymore. He was going insane and he knew this would happen soon . He waited till six in the morning to wake Lilly as he silently prayed that she would believe him.
Lilly was laughing hysterically when Regan was done explaining. “Regan please. Are you on drugs again ? Or are you just crazy? Hypothetically speaking. Maybe there is something you have to do before you hold her hand you know. Hypothetically speaking. Regan please go bother someone else. You are creeping me out.” Regan thought about it and decided that maybe Lilly was right. By the end of day he had decided that this time he won’t just hold her hands.

Its ten by the clock and everyone had retired to bed except Regan. He knew what he had to do. One could say he looked forward to dying this time around. Lying in bed, he picked a pen and a paper. He decided to leave them a note explaining his death if things should go south. Regan was up till Eleven thirty as his nerves delayed the sleep until Finally. Regan is dead again. As usual he stared down at his lifeless body and floated towards the girl. ‘What will you have me do? “What do you want from me?”

She just stood there smiling and would not say a word. Regan moved away from her and decided to look around. Something might be here other than this girl. So he kept moving and saw a man stretching out his hands . He moved again and saw a woman stretching out her hands too . “What if taking another persons hand meant death or I won’t go back” he thought. He had to go back. He was too young. Nobody would find him there. He went back to the little girl and held her hands.
He woke up to the alarm clock’s grrr grrr grrr sound. He stretched and opened his eyes. There she was, the little girl in the afterlife. He shut his eyes and opened it again. “No no, this is not real. I’m awake. We are in my room. How are you here?” “Help me,” she says stretching her hand. This is not real I’m not dead. He tried to scream but his voice did not catch the air. “Help me . Help me. Help me. The little girl continued. Finally he gave in and took her hands. He was awake finally. His alarm clock starts to buzz off again and he opened his eyes. And Lilly was there. “Oh thank God Lilly. I died again.” He was sure it was all okay till she said “Help me.”