CFW Announces September Writing Workshop

CFWriterz (Itanile) is delighted to announce its September writing workshop themed Curating Your Writing Voice (in a creative world full of noise), which will be facilitated by Nigerian Poet Adebayo Kolawole Samuel and South African Author Resoketswe Manenzhe.

Find the Workshop Registration HERE.

The CFW Writing Workshop is an initiative in line with our mission to encourage literary writing within the African space. CFW is interested in creating opportunities for African writers to hone their skills, share their works, and find community. We believe the one-day workshop is a critical step towards literary development. With the March edition being an inaugural success, the September event is the 3rd edition.

“There is an overwhelming volume of writing talent in every crevice you turn and yet a decline in quality of written works, affirming the notion that talent is not enough,” said Damilola Jonathan Oladeji, Founder, CFW. “During the workshop, we hope to be the muse, the gentle hand guiding you towards honing your craft, pitching your work.”

The Workshop will span the length of two hours. Sessions will cut across how to write in your unique voice, defining a niche and telling your audiences stories. At the end of the sessions, there would be literary tasks, engaging the lessons shared during the duration of the classes and the chance to ask relevant questions.

Some of our previous workshop speakers include Sam Osho (Founder, Kreative Diadem), Gloria Mwaniga (Kenyan Writer & Miles Morland Fellow), Caleb Somtochukwu (Minority Africa), Jide Badmus (Nigerian Poet), Damilola Jonathan Oladeji (cfwriterz founder), Jeff Ugochukwu Omenyuru (cfwriterz, editor), and Richard Henshaw (Nigerian Poet).

About CFWriters (Itanile)

CFWriterz started in Nigeria in 2016, emerging from being a small literary community on Facebook. The platform eventually became a full Magazine site and digital book publisher. It has since engaged, supported and groomed creative writers all over Africa. CFWriterz is a place where young and emerging African writers can publish short stories, poetry and long-form non-fiction. 

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About the Author

Jeff Omenyuru

Jeff Ugochukwu Omenyuru was born in a small polyglot town in Bauchi, Nigeria. Growing up, he was fascinated with the mechanisms of difference and how they shape our perceptions and guide us through space, which led him to writing and continues to inform his storytelling. He is also interested in helping writers close the gap between what's on the page and their imagination. Jeff mostly writes early in the morning, then sits with other people's writings through the day, either as a freelance or in-house editor at Itanile Magazine.

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