Optimize Writing: Transcend the Impossible


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This collection is the first of many. The first edition of the Chapter 20 workshop had 4 trainers who have shared on how to interpret themes, create content better, beat your writing into shape and monetize your writing.

About the Authors

To find out more about all the trainers who created this e-book, visit their blogs or websites:

  1. Osho Samuelhttps://www.samosho.com/
  2. Jeff Ugochukwuhttps://itanile.org/user/jeff-emmanuel/
  3. Damilola Oladeji J.https://jonathanoladeji.com/
  4. Richard Henshawhttps://www.facebook.com/richard.henshaw6

The Chapter 20 Workshop is formed from a need to help writers move not one, not two, but several steps ahead. There is an overwhelming volume of writing talent in every crevice you turn towards, yet a decline in quality of written works, affirming the notion that talent is not enough. At C-20 Workshop, we hope to be the muse, the gentle hand guiding you towards honing your craft, pitching your work, believing and accepting the beauty of your craft, and much more. As they say, come on board!

This collection captures all the lessons shared in the first episode of the Chapter 20 Workshop. BUY NOW!

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