The book “Missing” is a short story that focuses on the travailing experience of Eunice, a young corps member serving in the city of Benin, Edo state. Just about when the service year had taken an interesting and fascinating turn.
Eunice had left the city of Ibadan for Benin, with a feeling of indifference for the compulsory one-year National Youth Service. She was however set to explore the independence she craved for and found herself on an enthralling voyage. Propelled by her two newly found jolly friends, both of whom were serving their fatherland in the city of Benin.

The service year for many is a period to connect across cultural lines and borders. Such was Eunice’s experience with her two new friends both of whom were Igbo. Eunice reveled in her friendship with both guys as though years of friendship had transpired between them. The language and cultural barriers were forces not strong enough to detract them from their newly formed bonds of friendship.

Friendship: a strong theme in the book

Friendship most time is accompanied by an ecstatic feeling of attraction that culminates into love and affection. It becomes twisted and warped when two friends develop similar interest and feeling towards an opposite sex. This book details on Eunice’s experience with two friends. These two had developed the interest and special feeling of love towards her. Both guys had subtly entwined themselves in a web of emotional jealousy that forged its way to the limelight as operation “find Eunice” took center stage.

With a superlative writing pattern that gives no room for boredom, Simi shares basic combat instincts, skills, and techniques every lady should possess. She exhibits the importance of unity and the negative disruptive effects of greed and disunity.
This book tells a short fascinating story which is highly suitable for all. It depicts deep unfathomable intrigues humans can execute to achieve desires and cravings of the heart. If you’ve got more than enough time or you are the super busy type with little or no time to wind down, here is a highly affordable book that would keep you spellbound till the very end.

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