Jerry stared at the lady in front of him. He looked at her as though his eyeballs were trying to absorb her image. She was as pretty as a rose with diamond petals. The atmosphere was charged with the latest hip-hop music blaring from the several loudspeakers in the club.

“Hey man, if this girl finds out you’re looking at her this way, she’ll have you arrested.” Rex said, jolting him from his world of visual bliss, “you’re eating her up with your eyes. Damn!”

Jerry blushed and tried to conceal his embarrassment, he hated people catching him off guard. He was orderly and meticulous in his work and daily affairs. His friend always made fun of his seemingly boring lifestyle, so they  tricked him into coming to the club.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he could no longer hide the fact that his eyes had strayed for longer than they should and had the tendency to repeat their crime if given the chance.

Rex was the crazy one, he was well versed in the scriptures of the world. He knew what to say to avoid harassment from the bad boys, knew how to get an approving remark from the elderly and also had his way with the ladies. He watched his friend drool over the girl whose beauty shone above the coloured lights. Then a mischievous thought creeped into his head and he grinned.

He leaned over to his friend and whispered something into his ears. Jerry opened his mouth as if he had been stung by a bee, arching his eyebrows in a what-do-you-take-me-for kind of look. “you know I can’t do that buddy.”

“oh, come on. Life is too short to live by too many rules. It’s a normal thing here in the club and since it’s your first time here, don’t you think it’s ok to enjoy whatever pleasure the night brings?Besides, it’s not as if your eyes are going to stay off her. You’ve not looked at any other thing for the past twenty minutes. I’m very sure you didn’t even notice…” he was interrupted by Jerry. “Ok, I’ll do it.”

Jerry sauntered over to the corner where the girl sat sipping from a glass of wine, fiddling with her phone. In few minutes, they were both guffawing and leaning to each other.

After a long while, Rex found his way to the car where he sat for about an hour before he was joined by a smiling Jerry.
Two days later, while attending the wedding of his cousin, his heart leapt for joy as he saw the girl from the club  walking through the door. He walked up to her grinning, as butterflies fluttered in his stomach. His mother caught a glimpse of them and came over and  introduced them. A flush of regret  billowed through him, as he rushed out of the hall with his phone to his ears.
“Rex! Rex!! I banged my cousin.