“So, how far boy? How the test go?” Nnanna asked, a wide grin spread across his face. He placed the rizla on his right lap, and slowly put the ground weed on it.

“Nna eh, ogboni wan kill person.” Dozie was hanging his shirt on the fence. He was obviously not in a happy mood.

“Wetin happen?”

“Thunder go fire that man. Him come rearrange formation wey we set o. Carry my guys them go selfcon.”

Nnanna laughed wildly. He clutched his legs to avoid spilling his treasured weed.

“Guy, mould that thing fast joor. No dey laugh like mumu.” Dozie went inside to stir the soup he was warming. After smoking, they would need to eat. He put the pot down and set a kettle filled with water. He would use it, when boiled, to prepare garri. He brought a seat from his room and came to sit with Nnanna. They recounted stories of the airtight supervisor. While Dozie recounted a story of horrifying marksmen, Nnanna rattled off how loose the nest had been in his side of school.

* * * *

Chidi ripped his clothes off and dropped onto the bed. He was exhausted. Three tests in one day. These are trying times, he said to himself. Whoever said school is fun, should be hanged, stoned, stabbed and then have all that repeated. He entered the bathroom and had a cold bath. When he came out, he looked around for his packet of sugar. He got a plate, poured some garri, took a spoon and came back into the room. There had been power supply all night so, chilled water wasn’t an issue. He had bought two milk sachets and some groundnuts. ‘Oto’ had been saving lives since 40BC, he thought. He was smiling now as he poured the items into the plate and consequently added water. All was well as he took the first spoon of this slightly thick, cold and sugary mixture into his mouth. He would cook later. He still had sunday leftover stew. He would boil rice later and have his victory feast. The tests had been challenging. Thank God he did some reading and had been seated with some brilliant ones whom he copied from, confidently. He focused on his life saving lunch and gave little thought to later. Enough problems for one day. And then, then power came back. Oh God! He turned the fan on and as soon as he took the last scoop, he hit his bed and zoomed off!

* * * *

“Hello?” Andy spoke into the phone. “Will you be coming back?” Reply. “Alright. I’ll prepare something for you.”

’’Na your babe?” Josh asked.

‘’Yeah. She talk say she go come back. She been get practical.”

‘’Una two just use soundtrack block our ears last night. Una start work early.” Josh was washing as he spoke. As the power came on, he decided to do justice to a cloth pile he’d abandoned when he travelled home over the weekend.

“Guy forget, konji na bastard.” Andy was laughing as he spoke. He went on to dish out some minor details about last night. Josh paused his washing, giving Andy his undivided attention.

“Boy, you dey fuck o! Your girl sef sabi scream. E be like your dick too much?”

Andy regarded the question with a smile. That was a compliment. “This one na one man squad,” he answered, touching his groin. Nothing boosts confidence like a fellow guy applauding your sexcapade.

“Guy, make I go market fast fast. She say make I run small jollof for am.” He rushed in to get a shirt on, and probably some money.

‘’You shaa na chef!” Josh screamed after him, and returned to his clohtes.

* * * *
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