A lonely wanderer in a lifeless open desert…
Where sorrow,darkness,tears and fear were my companions ..
Tormented by my shortcomings and weaknesses day and night …
In a fierce battle with my self …

Trapped within the gates of my mind..
With the feeling of emptiness….
Inflicted by my inner demons of inadequacies….
I don’t know what’s going on anymore …
I just want to be OK,I could hear my inner screams ..

Drowning in my seas of emotions..
Caged in an unknown world ..
Nothing mattered anymore..
Where’s my glowing personality ?
I longed for a glimpse of light ..
For so long,I found none…

I lost interest in things that once gave me pleasure …
unworthiness and helplessness was all I felt…
This weariness is overbearing ..
This cluelessness is much more than I can bear …
Somebody Help me,my quiet soul cried out ..
All ears were deaf to my plight..

I’m tired of being tired !
I want my sanity back !
I want to be myself once again!
Tempted by suicidal thoughts
I gasped to escape from the prison of my mind
This depth of sadness is new to me..

My soul longed for satisfaction and happiness…
Music became my daily pills..
My soul responded to it and sometimes resisted these pills ..
I got tipsy on laughter sometimes,but just like alcohol,the effect wasn’t lasting…

Then I diagnosed myself with depression…
How long shall I continue to live in this state ? I cried all day
“God help me ” was my silent constant plea

Alas a day came,bringing along its ray of hope …
light was shone on my path once more..
my mask of sadness dissolved..
a fellow depressed fellow came my way, i was so keen on helping out.

From there I got my joy restored..
Joy filled my soul to the fullest..
I won this fierce battle…
My usual wildfire like smile smeared my face.

Oladele Oluwatofunmi
Is A 5th year medical student of RSMU, she enjoys spending time alone and putting her train of thoughts into writing. She also loves spending time in the kitchen cooking.

She is not sure this is good enough but would be glad to hear from you.