# NOVUS by leke Alder

A review by Damilola Jonathan O.

All the business concepts I have learned by reading business books flashed through my mind as I read “Novus”. I understand better why I have followed this path of business choices, why I decided to learn from mentors. Sometime in 2016 or late 2015, I made the decision to pick my mentors and learn from them by reading.

I had just started my real estate office then, I read “Think like a giant, Sell like a Madman”. The principles in that book have led up to this moment, I am sure “Novus” was written for me. Many young starters like me would easily relate to it.

Don is 26, I will be his age in a few days. All I can think about is my business idea, all the plans I have. While reading “Novus”, I was able to picture how my freelance writing would become a profitable business. I have seen that it’s feasible because of the cash flow. The services I have offered are things that people are ready to pay for.

“Novus” teaches idea conceptualisation.

It helps the reader work through all the conflicts that are involved in turning a business concept into a structure. It’s like a consulting session stretched over some days, I am sure going to go over the chapters separately.

Despite the obvious technical skills that Leke Adler aimed to transfer to the reader, he manages to throw in a lot of wit and fun. Don has a love interest. Typically at 20-30, a lot of young entrepreneurs like him have to handle that emotional vacuum. It’s so realistic, I could not drop the book till I finished.

I love the design too

It is mobile reader complaint. I have been working on eBook publications, so I know Leke Adler must have put a lot of thought into the size, design and word count. Leke Adler sounds like the kind of intentional business leader I would love to be. The book does not bore you with lengthy chapters, it gives you so much in a few minutes.

There is this idea I have been toying with recently, businesses are starting to leverage on it. Leke Adler’s book is the perfect example of content marketing, I am already thinking of booking a consulting session, I have once checked out his online mentorship “The square table” and would probably subscribe next money I get.

I am going to buy a number Leke Alder books after reading this because it has fulfilled a need I have.  This is what content marketing does to you. If you have been following my posts and stories, you would understand why I offer digital products as part of the marketing strategy of any business that wants to reach their target audience at a lower cost and at a faster rate.

I have some reservations

The underlying assumptions about Don; he has a job, he has a network of a rich family friend like Chief Bashorun Dele Momodu. He has his own apartment and enough savings to think about equity investment. This rules out the average and majority of Nigerian graduates at his age, the large bulk of Nigerian graduates do not have jobs or salaries, they probably would not find angel investors anytime soon.

Many Dons are still unable to leave their parent’s houses because there is no financial cover or shock absorber; rent in any city across Nigeria may kill entrepreneurial drive before it even starts, what about feeding, clothing and you probably won’t even have the money to take “Rasha” on dates like Don could.

The Sweetness of Novus

I like the fact that despite Rasha was only meant to be a “comfort board” with no significant input, Don realized she was more than an asset to his business idea. At first, I thought Leke Alder was affirming the cultural stereotype of women being nothing but emotional toys to be used for the man’s “comfort”. The character of Rasha evolved rapidly, she was still beautiful and enticing but she became a source of information and contributed immensely to developing the ideas Don had.

In all this book is captivating, it is uplifting, it allays your fears about starting a business. The book tells you that it’s possible to make your business dreams happen and what more? It allows you dream about girls, chocolate, and roses.

If you would like to get the NOVEL, Click here.