A few weeks back I had to do a presentation from the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen R. Covey at the office. And can I just add that I aced it? Hahaha!

My topic was on Beginning with the end in mine. While this is a good thing to add to your life, I mean starting projects with the end in mind. I began to think, ‘This will be great, you know, if f added it to my writing.’

I have mentioned so many times that I am a Pantser. So basically I put Pen to Paper and suddenly a story is written. But at the end of the day I reach an ending that I am okay with. Why? Because subconsciously, I knew how I wanted the story to end. What I honestly never know is how to start it.

If you don’t know how the story will end then you may just end up dragging it for ‘too long’. You don’t need to know the details; you just need to know stuff like.

The Joker defeats Bat Man – The End

The Boy Gets the Girl – The End

John Snow Weds Daenerys, They defeat the white walkers with the help of Bran and rule the seven kingdoms and the free nations. Arya finds her Nymeria and they return home, and Sansa and every other major-ish character dies – The End

This will greatly help in the plot build up, conflict and conflict resolution style.

I’m currently practicing this now. And I hope it will be helpful to somebody.