Most brilliant writers have come to see that writing is more of an experience than a skill. One of the worst things you could do to yourself is to write all your stories in your room, stuck to your laptop. There’s so much to see around the world especially in Summer.

The cold winter is just appropriate for warm blankets, coffee and scribbling away. Summer is when you actually find the stories you want to share with the world. The writer in you would definitely not mind a trip around the world.

Asides form the abundance of great content you could mine from these experiences, you get to shop and take advantage of summer sale. A writer also needs to have those nice jerseys, shoes and bags. We don’t have to look all junkyard-friendly all year round because “writer.” Let your hair down for a bit and look out the window of the next flight from Lagos to Dubai.

There are so many places to visit and see. The most exciting towns come with history and culture that could come alive in your next story. Asides the stories, you could show your readers what life looks like on a roadtrip. It’s all about doing the unexpected. A lot of travellers are already booking Cheap flights from Lagos to New York, don’t you think that’s so much of a crowd?

The adventure we seek is more of exclusive than a whole bunch of people with no appreciation for the art on strange new soil. Wouldn’t it be fun to show your audience a new way to cook, eat and sing without the hum buzz of noisy tourists like yourself. Travelling for you as a writer is a bit different. It might require a lot of planning too as you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Remeber you are not travelling, pen and paper in hand. We don’t want to ruin the moments with your head stuck in book pages all through the journey.

This is why you have to know all the best places to visit in Summer. Here is a few top writer destinations on our list:


It’s Outdoor, flat sandy beach, great place for your kids to play sandcastles while you soak in the view.


Ancient European settlement in North America, you get history and adventure with attractions such as Castillo de San Marcos Fort, Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park and lots more.


This brings you to Sandy beaches, hiking in parks, lighthouses, horseback riding on the beach, and you can be sure the Local chefs to treat you to cuisine lased with healthy doses of history and personality.


Italy offers hiking, biking, climbing, swimming and horseback riding amid rolling meadows, mountain lakes, and rushing streams, and you should see the beach resorts. The perk is that your family is welcome to tag along, there is an abundance of Family-focused hotels. The Roman ruins, imposing medieval castles and forts, and historical museums should give you enough writing material for when you return.


Find the inland lakes and experience fishing, boating, water skiing, and tubing.


Sante Fe is host to a lot of art and culture festivals. Rodeo de Santa Fe happens in June. Don’t overload on the fun, but definitely explore the people and rich culture of New Mexico.


Canada’s Capital, Ottawa is just across the bridge from the Outaouais Region . This place has a lot to offer in terms of vacation experience. The museums, North American species of flora and fauna, you’d also love to see some Bears and Wolves. Maybe even write a werewolf story in your head as you go.


Experience the Safar, black history and struggle. Bask in the beautiful sunset and cool air of Joburg. There are really cool places to visit like the Sun City resort and Mongena Game lodge just about an hour’s drive from Joburg.


When it comes to having a Arabian night life, you should head to Dubai. The best of culture and history awaits you as your walk through the beautiful streets.

This time of the year, there is still good chance that you could book cheap flights from Lagos to London. You’d just be surrounded by a thousand visitors who also think London is the best vacations spot ever. For the writer, summer might just be the right time for a beautiful getaway that would offer you a lifetime of experiences. Not to mention that these spots also might not cost you as much as all the popular destinations. You might just even find cheap flights and deals giving you enough left in your wallet for some good shopping.