You know how they say content is king, it’s true. Whoever controls content is king and they determine how it is used. The publisher used to be king because, without him, your story was not good enough. Now ebooks are here and they have just one thing to say “You deserve to be king.”

There is this mystery surrounding publishing. Do you also wonder why we need ISBNs and Copyrights? Why do we need to reserve distribution rights of stories we wrote by ourselves? Yea, I thought so too! It doesn’t add up.
Publishers used to be the only ways to prove your quality, they could trash your months of writing in just one swivel swing of the gavel. The verdict of the publisher could also imply that no distributor would risk promoting your work.

Times Have Changed

The culture of ebook publishing recognizes your story irrespective of the state and form it is in. There is no bar, there is no gatekeeper. All you need to do is to write a “damn” good story and make it readable. There is always a market waiting for you.

When the market does not exist, you have all the freedom to create your own market. Now we have the revolution of tribes. You can build your own community of devoted readers and share your stories with them without restrictions. Nobody is going to tell you not to do that, neither would you have another manuscript turned down.

This is how Ebooks have become a revolution! This revolution crowns you master of your own script.

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