Dear future wife,

My name is Tolulope Williams, a God fearing man, loving and caring. not exactly handsome but fearfully and wonderfully made. I am really awed by your beauty and character and that’s the reason my keypad jostles, to write you this piece with a heart of sincerity and honesty.

My love wherever you are right now, whatever situation you find yourself in, I want you to know that you are precious in the eyes of the Lord. I enjoin you to maintain your dignity and stand in the Lord. There are so called slay queens and kings out there whose slay kingdom are not in existence. Don’t fret about the seemingly affluence they enjoy by making their vaginas a public dumping ground of all sorts. They may taunt you and make you feel like you are not on the right track, but I am happy to tell you, that narrow is the way that leads to life, and it’s okay to be unique and different. There is a time for everything under the sun. Don’t be in a rush towards success in life. Yes they are riding their cars, they use the latest gadgets like iPhone etc. Remember that all these things will come to an end here on earth.

Consider the rich who have died already, none of their possessions every follow them to the world beyond. That reminds you that naked we came into this world and naked we shall return to the one who made us.

Peradventure, you’ve had heart breaks, you are a nice lady, submissive, accommodating and supportive but you have been taken for granted by men. You also made the mistake of giving him your virginity – it was your very first. You never thought he could take off after getting what he wanted. And till now you have held on, really I salute your strength, in wielding the broken pieces together and moving on.
I want you to know that I don’t care if you are no longer a virgin. No one is above mistakes. And besides if every man choses to marry virgins, then what’s the fate of those who aren’t? As long as you hold onto to God, submitting yourself to Him, and continue to follow His every lead, then believe it or not, He will restore what you think has been lost. At least in the world today, we have lady evangelists who were once prostitutes. So it’s not all about your virginity, but your dignity and the zeal to come back to the right track, and I assure you that I will be there by your side.

I am not Alike Dangote’s son, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even know me, despite that I am a registered member of his gigantic Facebook family. I am not promising you heaven and earth, and neither am I going to make you ride on a cockroach’s back. I may not be perfect, But be assured that I will do all in the power of God to take care of you. I understand you may become moody and need me just to pet you and I promise that I will always be available.
Take note, I don’t belong to the school of guys who take their girlfriends to the movies, fast joints, beaches and so on before marriage. And when they get married, all those things stop. They might not be as frequent, but at least twice a month, however bad it maybe, I will always make sure we date each other all over again. I will always propose my love to you every day.

When you are angry, I will listen to you, because being the man of the house doesn’t take the right for me to apologise for all wrongs from me. If Jesus could wash his disciple’s feet, then why won’t I occasionally do the dishes, clean the toilet and prepare you meals, as long as you don’t take these gestures for granted.

I also hope that you will also listen to me too when I’m angry, but be rest assured that no matter how angry I get, I won’t speak guile of you. I want to believe that you will always summon courage to tell me your mind always, to always iron out issues with understanding, love and respect. I will never treat advises from you with disdain my love. No matter irrelevant they are, I will listen in details first, and at your permission I will air my opinion. Baby girl, I want you to know a deep secret concerning love. I learnt it in the course of my failed relationships, that love has its languages. The reality is that love between couples is always in two stages: “The in-love stage” and the “reality” stage. The former stage is what comes first when every couple meets first hand. Everything seems so right at first, we would cuddle, kiss, smooch but the reality stage of it all is that after a certain period all that would fade.

That is when love would depend on tolerance. For instance if I fall for you when you were sleek and had a figure 8 posture, would I run away after you start having our children because you became fat, and your now flawless skin becomes stretch-marked then? I guess you now know what I mean. Would you abandon me if my six packs becomes zero pack after marriage? That is why I introduce the five languages of love which are, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation and gifting.

These are the five tools that would keep the flame burning after all the excitement and fun is gone. When we learn to speak the same love language now, I know there wouldn’t be issues that we wouldn’t conquer easily. So I don’t care if you are fat or lean, have generous boobs and butt or not, all I’m after is the inward bound generosity, because boobs sag and butts shrink.

The children God would give us will not be ‘mine’ nor ‘yours’ but ‘ours’ to train accordingly. We will stand firm and allow no unnecessary interference in our marriage. There would be trust and sincerity and that’s the legacy for our unborn kids. We will go to church together, pray together and put in every effort to satisfy you in and out of bed and am sure you will do the same for me too.
After many years, even when there are no longer teeth in our mouths, our gums would still entwine in sizzling love. Because we will be together forever.

Yours sincerely, Tolulope Williams