11:01 AM

The sun was up ahead yet the ground was cold. Birds circled in the sky above. Dancing, diving and getting lost in the veil of cloud then reappearing in another while I watched, my body too heavy to move. Dizzy and weak, eyelids fluttering every minute, their song sent me to sleep- a long spiral sleep.

11:15 AM

A loud cry awoken my senses. My heart beat raced and my head ached like I had been run over by a hundred horses. I tried to get up but the pain in my legs got worse. Alone in my misery but for a sparrow perched on the tree keenly watching my every move. I shifted to the side and gathered what was left of my strength then I sat up. A few minutes later, my little companion flew away to join the others. So much for loyalty.

11:30 AM

My legs had been badly hurt, still determined, I limped towards the village seduced by the sound of drums. Celebration or commotion? It was hard to tell. I hid in the bush quietly parting the leaves. The air felt thick and suddenly Eno was behind me. “It’s too late”, he said before briskly walking away. Alone again, I peeked from my cover. The village was spread out before me yet the silence was deafening.

11:35 AM

Vultures were circling around a woman. Some had gathered on the ground to gnaw at what she held in her hands- what seemed to be flesh. I couldn’t tell. The woman shooed the animals away and they moved a few paces back. I squinted and covered my nose as smoke made its way towards me. Laughter emanated from the hut and I cowered but couldn’t stop myself from sneezing.

“Who’s there?” was all I heard as I scampered away from the scene and back the way I came. My heart fluttered and I looked back from a safe distance, confused and out of shape. I felt the ground shake beneath me. It all happened in a minute. I tumbled and landed near the rock. That was when I woke up.

11:02 AM

The sun was still up ahead. Birds circled in the sky above me. My head ached like I had been run over by a hundred horses. I couldn’t move my legs. They were badly hurt but I managed to shift a little. Indeed the ground was cold and when I turned sideways to see Eno lying beside and coldly staring at me, I understood why.