clogs in the mind

Writing is Easy

Writing is Easy….
Until you’re trying to get something out of your mind
and you’re having clogs
wishing it became even easier but no, it keeps clustering and the words become too heavy to be sifted hence you’re all in your mind talking to yourself about how you couldn’t get these words down.

Writing is easy…

You say to yourself, after taking a long walk in that narrow street where your mind becomes clearer, nature caresses you with mild touch of droplets and suddenly you forget yourself and enjoy the romance with nature
Nothing to put down at that moment but you are convinced writing is easy only later you cant find the words to describe how you got fucked earlier.

Writing is easy…

You’re at the mall, observing events and people, how they walk, talk and laugh
How they lock gaze trying to make an order at the till
You’re just there looking at the fine girl walking towards you only for her to switch lane upon sighting your hairy face and you mutter inwardly

Writing is easy…

Until you remember what to put down then bring out your PDA for quick jotting but your phone just notified you that she’ll die soon and now you’re distracted cuz even if you managed to put these feelings down, you’re not guaranteed it’ll save so, you drop her by the bed corner, sigh then starts counting your rolling fan until your eyes twitch and starts itching, because you’re already tired of you not being good enough, you gently close your eyes only to wake later to discover the item you’re to defrost got spoilt already.

Writing is easy…

You’re listening to one of your favourite song on your playlist
shaking your head in concurrence to the lyrics, every word in it hits a nerve and you’re reminded about your music career plus how you could have done better yet, you cannot get yourself to really write at this time.
Writing is indeed easy but four years don waka you still dey try to write.

Writing is easy…

You’d just gotten up from your bed on a saturday morning, standing by your window you see how empty the street is due to the flood, you feel compelled to tell the government how they need to act fast before people start dying due to waterborne diseases but not until your cup is blessed with black coffee and your nose with the aroma.
Now, you take a gulp and nod your head, you’ve finally learnt the secret in making better coffee, forgetting the infant you went for her christening in the next street the previous week and how the flood would bring more mosquitoes to her abode.
Writing is easy…
You’re actually smiling at yourself because to you,
you enjoyed the mind-gasm from your encounter with the doctor
Remembering how it went and how she gave you the pendant you’ve been rocking like a baby addicted to lollipop.
….writing is easy
You haven’t written in a really long while
So long you can conceive it in your mind
….writing is easy
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