SMWLAGOS   FEB 27- MARCH 3, 2017

Use Technology to Make Your Writing Pay

 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

 Hosted by WordsAreWork (WAW)

 Masterclass Suite

For a long time, writers earned peanuts or nothing at all as compensation for their work. It comes with very good publicity for youit is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase you talent; or the most popular, you will get very good exposure was often the response when a writer asked to be paid.

Thankfully, all of that changed with the advent of technology and social media. Writing is slowly but steadily evolving as a well-paying profession, as more and more tech-savvy writers are earning good money in exchange for their poems, essays, 50,000-word novels, or 100-word flash fiction pieces. How? That is where  Use Technology to Make Your Writing Pay comes in. In this Masterclass, we elucidate how the use of apps, template-generating software, writing and editing programs, and social media, can be employed in earning money from writing. Writers who have earned, are earning, and plan to keep earning money by digital writing will be available to share their success tips and tactics. Core questions that will be addressed are:

Is writing even profitable in these climes (i.e, Nigeria and Africa)?How can I convert my digital stories, articles, essays and poems to money?Technology and social media play a big role in this, you say, can you tell me how?This sounds mighty good; but wait, are there people already doing this–earning well from their writing–or will I be faced with the daunting task of trailblazing?Where do I start?

Learning objectives:

– Understand the resources available to you on your smartphone and computer, as a writer.
– Discover which people/organisations are willing to pay for your writing, and how technology can help you find them.
– Learn how to harness revenue-earning writing opportunities, as a writer in a technologically advanced literary era.


Masterclass Suite

Water Corporation Road – Plot 5B
VI, Lagos


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Sally Kenneth Dadzie


Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Fiction Writer, WordsAreWork


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