I had just stepped out of my compound that morning when this beautiful metallic grey jeep drove past. A woman was driving. She had her kids in the back. At that time, l was crazy about jeeps, especially when it was a woman behind the wheels. I have always wanted to own one so while I was walking, I began to picture myself behind the wheels of that beautiful car with my kids playing in the backseat.
Deeply engrossed in my thoughts, I wasn’t looking where I was going until I’d struck my right foot against a stone that was in my path. It was a dusty path so naturally, l got some dust splayed over my shoe. I had no option than to go back home and get properly cleaned up before continuing on my journey.
I was almost running late for an important appointment. So the thought of going back home filled me with so much anger towards the stupid stone responsible for the state my shoe was in. If it were to be human, it probably would have received some tongue lashing from me. With a long hiss, I set off on my journey back home.
As I was about to open my gate, a movement caught my eyes. I took a closer look and discovered that it was a neatly folded 500 naira note. Something about it looked familiar as It lay on the ground staring up at me. Quickly, I took a look at my hand. My phone was there, my handkerchief was there but the 500 naira note I’d left home with, was no longer there. That happened to be the only money I had in the house that day. Little wonder, it looked so familiar. The anger I was feeling inside, quickly turned to gladness as I bent down and picked up the money. This time around, l put it in my pocket where it would be safe.
Later that evening, I said a big thanks to God for saving me from a situation that would have been very embarrassing. The sense of gratitude l felt, was equal to none. If l hadn’t struck my foot against that stone, I would have picked a bike, arrived my destination and not have any money on me to pay the fare. Lord knows that would have caused me one huge embarrassment. It dawned on me that l had to go through the episode of the stone and dust, that morning, so I could be saved from the embarrassment that would have come later.
That day, I was reminded that sometimes we suffer setbacks and disappointments so we can be saved from bigger problems later on. Now, no matter how hurt and angry I am at a disappointing situation, I always pray that God opens my eyes to see the reason for the pain.
Prior to 2020, l had laid out plans on how l wanted the year to go. My plans were to have started playing out from the first quarter of this year. But here we are, nearing half of the second quarter and l haven’t been able to do zilch about them. COVID 19 being the culprit here. I used to think about it a lot and it hurt really bad. I felt like time was running out and l may never be able to actualise those plans if this window closes as most of them are time-bound. I have discussed with a number of friends who have had to put plans on hold until the wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, passes. Like me, they are afraid that with the passage of each day, it will become harder for them to bring those plans to play. There is a lot of disappointment and despair. Starting the year with high hopes and watching those hopes hit a standstill due to no fault of yours, isn’t exactly something that should not be of worry, right?
But out of the blues, Facebook reminded me of the above experience that l had years ago. Now l am starting to believe that the setback is just temporal and will well turn out to be a blessing in disguise in the long run.
I don’t know what your plans for this year, may have been. You are probably scared that they may never come to fruition in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Maybe it is time to let go of disappointment and fears. It is time to trust that God has plans to take you to a better place, the coronavirus pandemic, notwithstanding. Yours may not even be related to the coronavirus pandemic, at all. But whatever it is, remember that a wise man once said that, in every disappointment, there is a blessing.
There is a hidden blessing in that setback. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch God turn the present situation, whatever it may be, into a room for higher and greater achievements.

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