The grass is green,
Like cattles and kines,
Your love is grazing my skin.
I love you like an ache,
As delicious and sticky as dates,
But it occurs, from time to time
That rivers join,only to part again.
Though it could’ve been otherwise.

In the value of presence I believe,
Even though it’s hard to feel
We don’t survive,we thrive;
Our wings eager to unfurl in the same sky
A rarity,I cherish.
Still it could’ve been otherwise.

The mountain I refuse to climb,
The rain? I chose never to get wet,
Their beauties I admire from behind,
Having no,not one regret.
I rose from losses, stalemates and sorrow,
My Enormous dreams I chose to follow,
In a meadow,Was asked why am I here?
To subdue and overcome my fears,
Yet it could’ve been otherwise.

In my peak and dwindling moments I gave my best,
Gearing myself to face any challenge and test,
A particular thread l followed
Though it moves among changeable things,
Yet has it never transformed,
People wonder what I pursue,
Though I explain,it’s hard to see,
Life happens, tragedies occurs,
Yet I never let my thread go,
Of course it could’ve been otherwise.

I pictured life,an image of myself standing amidst throngs of men,
Lost in the walters of their lives,
With the hope of emerging new, differently unafraid,
But with no hope or resentment,
A longing spirit imprisoned in the days of the earth,
On a speedy blind wheel turned by a gust of stray wind,
I stood, alone shattered to my clone,
It could’ve been otherwise.

The universe winds down,
That’s how it’s made,
Memory is everything to lose,
Although some of the colours have to fade,
I may never get a chance to choose,
At this crossroad,
This blurry boundary,
Between two spatial
Spheres of my life,
I wait,not sure,
Unable to comprehend,
What this transformation holds.
It still could’ve been otherwise.