The Irony of Hope

There are many stories untold.
Because of the power they hold.
These tales are truths suppressed.
That it may never free the oppressed.

Lies painted beautiful, appeasing like libation.
Citizens filled with pain and dereliction.
They’re left with nothing but regrets.
Brought upon them by their greats

The devil appeared like an angel.
They felt relieved with their revel.
Pain and sorrow, all gone like a flash
The joy and happiness came in a bash.

The dawn had come at midnight.
The feeling that the future is bright
They had gone against the odds
To put their intentions without swords

The struggle was brought to an end.
Without a thought of how they’ll spend.
This new dispensation they’ve brought.
From the sweat of fallen heroes who fought.

The chants of victory and freedom
The happiness of their new kingdom
Only just a myth yet to be understood
That the worst harm is seen as good

Here they come with melodies sweet like elegy.
With messages of regret from their apogee
That their young may learn from their forebears
These are the lessons learnt for years.

©Udoma, Emmanuel Isidore