The dark clouds for so long became
The daylight sky I only know,
No moonlight nor sun for a game
Nor stars to shine the path I tow,
Yet Undaunted embers shimmered.

Down came the rain of grief upon
Me ; with starry eyes and frail knees
pondering the goings-on
To a point of no degree –
Till the stern decree simmered.

Curled up in my lone safe shell,
Enervated from the one-dog nights
And bland flavours of hell ;
A lofty desire for freedom incites
Dispelling the willies of solitude.

Upon a lone path I wandered, bereft
Of strength and a speaking mind
Held unto the orts of a heart cleft,
Clinging to visions enshrined
And energized by the desire to conquer.

O’er the horizon a glow of hope
Gleamed so bright ,piercing mine eyes
Through to the pitch black slope
That weakened and stiffened mine thighs.

Alas! To all squabble I owe not one bother.