This story is inspired by true life events.

It was the early 1940’s, the air was thick with dew and the ground beneath flush with vegetation. All neighborhoods or most rather, wore the ever-glowing look of home, a feeling every kid should have during their formative years. It was indeed a thing to be proud of that every kid, yes!!, you heard right!! Every kid in this neighborhood had the luxury of feeling at home whenever they stepped foot into the confines of these streets. All but one!! And this is his story!!

He was called Roland doe by the media who begrudgingly had accepted to protect his privacy under the pressure of his parents of course! Robbie’s predicament was a curious one and had began shortly after his beloved aunty’s death. Robbie was shattered, and of course felt left out the world. He had grown to love his aunty even more than his own parents which fanned the embers of the desire for closure in his heart. And while you’re reading this, I’d like to chip in the fact that Robbie was a 14 year old kid as at the time of his possession. Days passed and robbie’s condition improved, Not because of the comfort he received from loved ones but the short-lived succor provided by the cold hands of evil.
Robbie had found an Ouija board supposedly used to commune with spirits of the dead.

Rather unfortunately, his aunt had taught him how to use it while she was still alive, the poor boy had used the board to contact what he thought was his beloved aunt. As his comfort from communing with his “aunty” grew, it became clearer to everyone else that something was visibly wrong with the lovely Robbie they all had grown to love. It started with the sounds of dripping water coming from Robbie’s room in the middle of the night, strange forces would remove all the crosses in his room and dump them at his door, voices reciting psalms from the bible backwards in the middle of the night, words scratched into poor Robbie’s skin while he slept and to cap it all off, the acrid stench of sulphur surrounded the whole house. Robbie had endured 29 exorcisms, this is the tale of his 30th and final exorcism.

Robbie was bound to a chair when the Spanish priest entered, Robbie’s hands had deep cuts on them but they weren’t bleeding, his face had developed scales and his eyes were a scary white. The priest went ahead to make the sign of the cross as his blood ran cold in his veins, this was no longer the innocent boy his parents had described.
“in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti”, the holy man recited as he made the sign of the cross towards Robbie’s position.
“stultus non hic sacerdos deo”(god is not here stupid priest) a deep guttural voice that resonated pure evil boomed from within Robbie.
“Be quiet demon”, the priest barked as he wrapped his rosary beads around his fingers and held up the cross towards Robbies face. The voice within Robbie groaned so loud the entire neighborhood woke that night as it began screaming in latin, ”nolite ergo esse”(stop it now)tugging at its restraints but the priest had only just begun.

Robbie scratched the chair to which he was bound so hard that his fingernails started peeling and falling off, he jerked his neck from side to side trying to swerve away from the view of the priest who now held him at a ransom. The priest possessed the only upright cross in the room right now, the other crosses placed in the room in preparation for his exorcism had all been turned upside down by the unseen forces who now held sway over Robbie. His neck contorted to different angles to escape the priest as he growled like a rabid pack of wild dogs. The whole house was shaking violently because of this.
“Hablo espanol cura demasiado sucia”(I speak Spanish too filthy priest)”,
the heavily possessed boy spoke as the ropes with which he was bound to the chair burst into flames. In a matter of seconds, Robbie was free of his constraints and stood with his back to the priest..
“much better”,
the demonic voice said rather flatly.
“In the name of God the father and his son Jesus Christ who cast this evil down onto the earth and gave us control over it, I demand that you speak your name demon”, the priest belted at Robbie who now had his back to him.
“you dare command me!!!”, the demon spoke as he spun around now hanging on thin air to face the priest. The room was now shaking much more violently with only religious items falling and smashing to pieces on the floor as the priest tried to stand his ground.

“it is not I who commands you, it is God the creator of all that has life and the sole giver of it that commands you demon, speak your name!
”, the priest fired back with renewed confidence. The light bulbs in the room all went out simultaneously giving the pitch-black darkness license to ravage the room. The priest could only see one thing now, the eyes of the demon-possessed boy glowing in the dark. The air in the room was now filled with a renewed wave of sulphur.
“Ego lucifer”(my name is lucifer), the demon spoke as his voice tore through the whole house like a bolt of lightening. The priest had learnt the name of the demon and muttered a prayer for help from God under his breath. “Idcirco praercipio tibi ut adveho sicco”(I command you to come out now)”, the priest shouted in anger as he threw holy water in the direction of the demon. All of a sudden, the shaking stopped, the lights flickered back on to reveal the demon possessed boy standing right in front of the priest.

“By whose authority do you command me, filthy priest”, the voice thundered from within the tenager.
“I command you to leave in the name of jesus Christ”, the priest affirmed as he pressed the crucifix onto the forehead of the possessed boy. The flesh burned when it made contact with the crucifix as the demon wailed thunderously and flew out of the boys body. The tired boy fell to the ground looking worn-out and sickly, color had returned to his cheeks. The smell of sulphur had rather strangely vanished from the house as the priest made to leave. Robbie had been exorcised!!!

P.S: I cannot force you to believe that there is a God but know this, evil lurks, evil that you have no idea how powerful it can be. The devils roams like a lion seeking whom to devour!!!


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