The Convergence, Itanile’s Chapter 20 Workshop, April 2021


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Writing undoubtedly has become an essential part of storytelling. What we learn by observing the digital space in the twenty-first century is this: you need to know how to write. Politicians, event managers, athletes, grocery store owners, all of these people need content. Content creation is as fundamental to communication as knowing how to walk is to living. Jonathan Oladeji wrote recently, “The most important thing is to tell the story.
And you must make every word count.

We organized this workshop to show us the possibilities we can achieve through writing. Our speakers are experienced in the field, and we think that’s crucial for this workshop. Beyond hearing people talk about writing, this workshop would present us practical examples on content creation, writing, and storytelling.

So, again, welcome.

Michael Tolulope Emmanuel


Note: Ebook contains a link to the full-length 2-hour workshop. 

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