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Mad men speak revelations, is this true?

How do you react when a friend that you love doesn’t attend your seminar or buy your book?

How do you react when you chat up with someone who drills you about your coaching session, complains bitterly about fees, then goes ahead to hire someone else who’s your friend and who charges more than you do?

Do you go ahead to note the objection? Perhaps, your product isn’t just what they need and you’re blinded by a statement that says, “If you love me, love my dog”? Perhaps, there’s a tweak about your offering, a missing element, a feature that’s not appealing, an expression of the non-neediness of your product that’s worth investigating.


The problem is not really with people, it is the ideology that they are fed with.

The bus conductor is fed with the ideology that he is the scum of the earth. Naturally, he is aggressive to survive in the ecosystem. Feed a man with the superiority pill and he stands aloof, subjugating others beneath his feet.

That is why I miff at the incompleteness of the Jesus’ model most preachers preach today.

Christ’s model is about the ascendancy of the new heart (spirit) over the old one. However, the soulish realm is also at play. The soulish realm means that despite the superiority of His spirit, Jesus mingled and appreciated the scum of the earth, literally speaking. With the ubiquity of incomplete superiority model we preach today, there is no difference between it and ethnic bigotry we see everywhere. The same bus conductor can become a superlative fine man, at home with nuances of a pampered existence, given different circumstances.

You are Hausa, I am Yoruba. You are Bini, I am Efik. Did we determine these things at birth?

We had no power over the titles, right? Why bleed?

The way we handle these narratives create the demarcation between you and success.

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