Stiff Nipples by Emeka Nobis





I see smiles I can’t kiss
I see lips I can’t part
The street throws questions at me
When will Obi the carpenter do a double bed?

When will my loins receive a baptism?
When will my walls echo blabbing voices?
When will my temperature read hot while the world is cold?

Time is passing like trains at the station.

…a few words about this book…

While in secondary school, I hated poetry. Our teachers made it feel like poetry was just for those who were gifted from the heavens. Poetry came off like something esoteric that not everyone could enjoy. I carried that hatred for it for many years.

Until I began questioning. In 2015, I was reborn. I began to love poetry because I met poets who told me otherwise. I met poets who wrote poetry for people like me who felt poetry shouldn’t be so wrapped in a mystery that everyone can’t enjoy it. Poetry could be simple, yet folded in the elements that make it what it is and yet beautiful enough to wrap the soul of the reader in its arms with such amazing splendor.

I began to write mine.

This book is the result of that rebirth. It’s poetry for dummies. I wrote it for you if you feel that poems are so long to give you a headache. I wrote it for if you feel that you’re a hater of poetry.

Why the title, STIFF NIPPLES?

If the nipples of a mother be stiff, how will she suckle her child?

This book will soften the nipples of this beautiful genre so you can suckle the sweetness of its offerings. I assure you that you will fall in love with poetry when you’re done reading.

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