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    Writing undoubtedly has become an essential part of storytelling. What we learn by observing the digital space in the twenty-first century is this: you need to know how to write. Politicians, event managers, athletes, grocery store owners, all of these people need content.

    Here’s a compilation of training resources from our second installation of the Itanile writing workshop with Resoketswe Manenzhe @avatar_reso, and Kolawale Samuel Adebayo @officialpstkay (IG) & @samofthevoice (Twitter).

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  • The poems traverse through dirges and nostalgia to arrive at a convention where love is a fleeting thing. The prose – the entire issue, even – beckon the reader to partake of whims, dreams, and dares.

    This collection is free to download and run by a volunteer team, we would appreciate donations from you to keep our doors open throughout the year. Please donate here or message us:


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  • The writers in this issue have taken the decision to shape the dialogue of the day by continuing to write. In doing so, these writers have opened new doors to all sorts of conversations about everyday living. They have also given us stories that make us gasp delightedly, cry and laugh. Such was my experience reading them. Through the stories, I was reminded of our shared humanity. I was also prompted to remember our complexities as humans. In the end, I found myself gaining fresh perspectives.

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    “The More You Look” is a compendium of very beautifully written African plays designed to shoot you to the moon and possibly leave you stranded there.

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  • Amirah Al Wassif is an eye-opener. Her poetry pulls no punches – a vision of a world turned on its head, through no fault of those who must reside there. These are the words of one who has experienced more than her age would indicate.

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    Scarred is a story that poignantly depicts the struggles of two women as they try to navigate life in the face of the changing landscapes of their emotional lives.

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    General William Stone, the valiant Spanish Mercenary Warlord dated Juliet, the adored jewel of Alberto Family for six years. His called up to the Spanish-France war led the flowery Juliet to marry Mayor Patrick Bay, the wealthy Melillan royalty.

    William returned at the end of the five years long war only to insist retrieving back his Juliet from Mayor. This led to fierce battle of lovers. And the story just begin here.

    William and Juliet is a great story that unveils a great truth: that we can avoid the unnecessary wars that often smoldered gorgeous citadel of love and shattered lovers’ life; that we can come out of the storming, cloudy fumes that often wreck relationships and abort glorious destiny.

    This novel challenges your love-life with great didactic values and heartrending edifying punctures. Read on.

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  • Michael tells of a bastard child and the search for his father. Bamidele’s poem, “Insomnia”, is a quick glimpse into the restless awareness of death. Jeff and Raheela attempt to guide a writer’s hand in the foray of storytelling and publishing. Fatihah talks of love, innocently, simply. Resoketswe engages a bar conversation on suicide; a subject we hate to admit. There’s more.

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