As a brand, we are deeply aware of the immense responsibility it is to attempt to tell African stories. Many of our African stories have been told outside of our context, without our permission and without recourse to our humanity as Africans. Therefore, as cfwriterz, we set out on a mission to curate stories, conversations, thoughts, and literary works that represent us truly.

We are coming closer to what we had initially envisioned when the brand started out. However, we continue to re-imagine what it means to publish and promote these works that are entrusted to us. Hence, the cfwriterz brand has commenced a transition to the new brand Itanile.

Itanile is a Yoruba phrase. It can take the form of the words meaning the stories of home, stories are home, going out is home (the journey is truly where we find home). The word Ita also represents a Kind of Palm tree growing near the Orinoco, South America, also known as Mauritia Flexuosa. Some have described it as the tree of life because of how important it is to many animal species. Adding this word Ita to the Nile river which is one of the world’s largest rivers found in Africa, makes for an idea of how stories from Africa are home for nesting and abundance.

We will still operate fully as a digital literary magazine. Our operations including the biannual literary magazine, workshops, and digital publishing remain intact. We assure our community of a stable transition and growth. We are only going to position ourselves to serve you better.

To this end, you might notice changes across our platforms including the new logo, brand image, and eventual development of our new website. Please join us to celebrate every milestone.

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