Dotun Fadairo’s “From me to you” is 106 pages, each page can be read in 5.6 seconds because they are the shortest snippets of inspiring quotes. You don’t need to be a fast reader, this eBook can save a life within minutes.

I finished reading the 101 quotes in 10 minutes and I felt like rebuking Fadairo for being modest in his foreword. He was trying to sell himself short by telling us he is not a motivational speaker or coach, he is much more than that. This book summarizes the human strength and a will to survive, it gives you reasons to appreciate who you are and be positive towards life and other people.

I would recommend this for those who find it hard to feel good about life, depression is a killer but having a book like this on your mobile could be a quick escape form harsh moments and bad thoughts. You can repeat and recite the words in the pages to yourself till you find them soothing, they are very kind words and I feel really good about this.

I was about taking my bath when a thought crossed my mind, I felt I should make it a duty to do as I promised. I opened the book and could not drop it till I finished, I am still naked as I write this. Stop imagining things Lol!!

I would recommend this book for those who suffer from low self esteem, or who have lived with negative people. This book could be your key to self actualisation, it points to all the good things about you and about life. Get this book by all means.

Finally, if you are a life coach, mentor, speaker, counsellor, you need this book. There are days you just need to say something and the words would not come easy, this book is a library, you can archive more thoughts by reading this book. You may have a writer’s block on a day you really need to make a speech, the quotes are inspiring, they trigger the right thoughts and would help your start off what you need to write or say.

Let me go and take my bath now…

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