The melanin queen was perched on a bar stool,
Checking me out from head to shoe.
Her eyes were made up with eye shadow, blue,
And they seemed to be saying, ‘Oga, I want you.’

She took me to her place near the train station.
I was like, ‘Is this the real thing or infatuation?’
I fell for her so hard, I still have a notion –
That the fine geh used a love potion!

My Naija friend had warned me about girls from Warri
But a Kenyan oracle once told me he could plainly see
That I’m like The Spirit of St. Louis:
Born to soar over every tree!
So I’m flying over all my problems,
I’m flying over land and ocean.

Naysayers laughed at the Spirit of St. Louis
But the Wright Brothers were pioneers, you see.
And soon, they were soaring over every tree.
Flying over all their problems,
Flying over land and ocean.