I must have dozed off watching the television for when I opened my eyes a bright light danced in front of me. The whole room was spinning round and round. And I could hear sounds like rock and roll musical tracks from the 1980s, but they didn’t make sense, had an eerie vibe to it. I wiped the tranquility from my eyes trying to break free from the effects of the half empty bottle of brandy on my table. My head hurting and my joints vibrating with pain. My body was in a fit muscular shape but it was not from working out in the gym. The unkept beards on my face was starting to give me an itch, and I could smell the pungent odour from my pits.

Upon the ground was my eight millimeter desert eagle pistol, it must have fallen when I fell asleep. I stared at it a while, it was black and aging. I picked it up and laid it on the table next to the brandy bottle and went upstairs to check on Omar. He was still fast asleep and his smooth blonde hair glowed in the crack of light that creeped in through the door I opened. For a moment my mind was still and I no longer felt like a street bumb from the cold. He appeared to be immune to all the activities that were happening around him, for he was peacefully at rest beyond description.

I shut the door and went back to the living room and dialed a number I had written down in my diary, I was placed on hold telling me to drop a message. It was the number of Andre Vulscarr, the head of one of the biggest and most influential drug, robbery and money laundering circuits in the country. To the rest of the world the 56 year old was an ordinary businessman, an entrepreneur. Maybe even a ray of hope to some people. the CEO of Waylane Incorporated, the stock market described his company as into the import and export of fairly used cars and accessories.They can deceive the rest of the world but not me.

I discovered the truth about Andre Vulscarr and The Waylane Corporation in the fall of spring in 2002. I had bought a new Hyundai Elantra from the company and discovered a huge stash of dollars embedded in the left back seat. At first I had wanted to return the money but changed my mind after adhering to the advice of my best friend Jones. Who is now dead. He was strangled to death three weeks later on the orders of Vulscarr. The corporation’s power spread deep and wide like a disease even to the height of some government offices. Vulscarr got his money back the day he murdered Jones, and placed a bounty on my head that I knew too much about him and his company. They have been after me ever since.

It has now been seven weeks since Jones died, and three days back my sweet Maria was taken also from her apartment in 14 Deil Drive Street. And a strenuous set up of phone torturing has been going on. My sweet Maria was bruised and battered with a broken eye socket in our last conversation. They asked me to exchange myself for her that she was innocent, and had given me a deadline that by the next week’s Friday, they would send me pictures of her pieces in a box. And that after that Omar will be next. God knows I will die first before I let them place a finger on my boy.

A dead calm settled over the room in an irregular design, as I drifted in and out of reality and illusion. I could not go to the police, for they had betrayed me before. And I didn’t want to involve another innocent person. Jones had paid the ultimate prize and now my sweet Maria was standing at the same cliff too. I needed guns, plenty and plenty guns. “I will give them a war, I will die fighting for my life” I said to myself. The problem was how I was going to get the money, the underground market for weapons wasn’t a friendly place. But all I needed was the money, I knew one or two people.

My name is Parkson Hues, and before all of this mess I used to work for Owl View hotels as a security guard. The job was holding me down but I did it anyway to care for Omar and my sweet Maria. I am thirty years old and the path life is taking. I don’t know if I will make it to forty. That’s alright as long as Omar and my sweet Maria are well and I take Vulscarr down with me. I will die with pleasure. And the darkest thought of the hour returned. How was I going to get the money to buy weapons and storm their hideout and rescue my sweet Maria.

I had an idea, The Waylane Corporation had banks running all over the country, a disguise they used to launder cash and the blood money from the drug trade. The Waylane Bank had money and I needed some of it. I did the mathematics and only a few people had to die. On my phone I placed the day as the Monday of the week, and Maria’s deadline was the next week Friday. I did the mathematics once again and discovered a whole lot more people had to die. Forlorn days hung over the horizon like a rising sun.

I went to the bathroom and washed up. The bathroom mirror held my reflection in it’s dreamy eyes. But I had not a second to waste, no time to get sentimental. My dirty towel hung on the door, I took it and wiped after the bath, strolling into the bedroom to get dressed. And the world crowded me. How was I going to burst into the bank and break out with the money? The question was hung around my neck.

There were a few good men I knew would jump into a daredevil ride like this and it became clear to me the perfect people for the job.
Charles Anderson, was a good man. I knew him from the Lake View hotel, before he got fired for beating a stubborn blue neck, who refused to take no for an answer into a coma. Yeah he was a very good man for a job like this. Towering at 6.6 he was a a force to reckon with, I can vouch for that, we had smashed a few times in the past where I got the upper hand only with weapons.

And there was Felix Krueger, a retired police officer from Massachusetts. We met at the Pexcline bar down town on a Saturday, when the bar was hyped into a frenzy, an uproar of blood and broken bottles by rivaling gangs. We became acquaintances that night. With his experience in the force Felix would be a great addition to the team.

But I knew the mission would be impossible without the aid of Harris Dooley. He was the brainiest man I knew. He was a computer programmer for a video game company. And he did make some extra cash breaking into company systems, and impersonating. I definitely needed a guy like that on my team, besides I needed whatever help I could get.

I got the gang together in three days. And laid the blueprint on the table. The Waylane Bank branch on Oasis street was our target. And as usual I was only able to persuade them by promising to share the loot equally. The trust of the street was the only thing that held us together and years of friendship and the lust for money.

We were going to strike around six thirty in the evening, when the bank was least busy. And casualties would be low, for we had made up our minds to lay down any wannabe heroes. We were going to attack during the evening shift change. The system was most vulnerable then, and workers would be busy counting the days return.

It was a Monday and the sun was now resting it’s hands on the rooftops of the city, and mild was the air. Charles, Dooley and Felix and come over to my hideout since two in the afternoon. And we had rehearsed the scenarios over and over again. I would use the AK47 and my desert eagle, while Charles had a Kalashnikov and a knife, and Felix would use a double barrel shotgun. Dooley would use an AK47 too. We had ski masks and three big black bags, the Waylane Corporation would feel my wrath.

We drove to the bank after I had locked Omar in his room, no opportunities for chances. We parked my black SUV at the corner of drug store next to the bank. A beautiful girl in her twenties went in and that was the cue. In a moment the masks were on our faces and we burst into the bank leaving Krueger in the car. I directed everybody to the ground. When suddenly a security guard fought with Dooley for his gun. And Charles shot him in his head and his body dropped violently on the ground.

I looked at the dead man on the ground and realized there was no turning back. Everything just became serious and real in an instant. Blood oozed from his head as his eyes rolled, I grabbed the manager by the neck and dragged him to the vault where the workers filled our bags with brand new bills. When I got to the main room with Dooley, Charles had murdered an elderly man and another guard.

We ran outside with the loot and jumped into the SUV for our getaway amidst a shoot out with authorities that had gathered. Three police men died instantly. Krueger drove us fast into the streets and the night was our friend and soon we had dashed into a lonely alley. We left the SUV there and stole another car and drove to the hideout.

For one thing, Charles was a psychopathic idiot who had trailed our path with blood and it was only a matter of time before the authorities came for us. We quickly counted the loot. A staggering thirteen million dollars, for a one night action, it was not a bad deal at all. We shared the money. Dooley took three, Charles took three, Felix took three and I got four million. We quickly dispersed into the night agreeing to meet the next day.

As the guys left, I was packing all the cash on the table into a brown leather bag when I saw a triangular shaped device at the bottom of my stash. It looked like a phone but it was not, and it looked so high-tech but I could not remember how it got here. I quickly got across to the gang and Charles was in an enraged state. He had taken it from one of the security guards at the bank. in fact he had shot the man for it, and now he had forgotten it. I now understood why he killed the second guard, “but you could have just asked for it” I barked over the phone. “Yeah, the brother refused to let it go, so it made me believe it must be very important” he said.

I ended the call without paying much attention to what the idiot was saying. I would make sure he never got the device, I made up my mind. Omar was still fast asleep in his pyjamas, as I looked at him and realized how much of a jerk I had been to him, tears rolled down my eyes. He got up suddenly and hugged me saying he understood all that was going on. “Stupid little child” I thought, trying to give a lost man hope.

I took him to the kitchen and made him toast bread and a glass of mango juice. After we had our fill. I took him to watch some midnight television, after all he had been locked in his room all day. So badly, I just wanted all the drama to end. I just wanted my sweet Maria in my arms once again and my boy safe. The time was one pm and I needed a bath, so I quickly hustled there.

I remembered the device as I was bathing, that I had left it on the table and probably Omar would think it a toy, and yeah he did not disappoint for when I came back to the living room. He was zooming the triangular device through the air. I took it from him immediately and placed it on a high counter and ordered him to bed. Strange was the hour, fire and ice met in my soul. I needed a few hours of rest for the next day I would break Maria out.

The alarm went off and sleepily I reached for it. I had slept in the living room again. And the television was reading the early morning news. I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I heard the bank robbery on the news and to make matters worse. Charles had opened his face and a camera had caught it. “Shit” I knew it won’t be long before they got to me.
I slumped into the chair in front of the TV. I regretted having placed him on the team, but I needed him one more time.

I peeped through the window as the day became more and more alive. Omar had taken a bath and was playing god of war on his PSP. I went to the Divine Liturgy Bar to meet with Waldon Coachet. A lean shady figure. He dealt in firearms and ammunition. I loaded my SUV with enough weapons to start a war in a small African country. I drove to the Montreux Sub, a not too populated area. The rest of the gang was already in an old warehouse waiting for me. “You idiot” I said as I had a little scuffle with Charles. I think my first strike took out a tooth, the rest of the gang broke us up.

I think any normal guy would have walked away, but not Charles. He was way into the action with murderous intent. The sun was high up in the sky and the afternoon was hot. “I had a dream last night that my sweet Maria was free”. I told them. Dooley had a complete map of the abandoned hotel were Maria was being kept. He told us to not ask how he got it. That he knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody else. The darkest thought of the hour returned to me once again.

Around six in the evening we were ready and we said a little prayer together and set off for the abandoned hotel at El Camino Drive. The building wasn’t high tech, a bit disappointing for Dooley. He had hoped to play more of a part. I placed a grenade at the door and the explosion set the horrors of the world in motion. Maria was kept in the ninth room. Their resistance was weak and we broke through bodies of mercenaries without thinking twice. Blood and guts littered the whole place.

Maria was strapped with a bomb vest, I shot the guy who stood over her and threw the vest through the window into the night and she broke into my arms in tears and fainted. We made our way to the SUV and drove off unto the road. We got to the hideout and Maria’s eyes were blurry but slowly she was getting better by the minute. Memories came back in a rush as Omar came to my bedroom and emotions flooded the air.

Charles asked for the device, and I knew trouble was at the door-step. Before I knew what was happening, he held me by the neck and we were struggling in a brawl. Suddenly he brought out a gun and shot at me but missed. When Omar rushed into the room. He seized him by the neck and placed the pistol on his head. I agreed to give him the device if he promised to let my boy go. I went to Omar’s room and once I saw Omar’s PSP on his bed, I knew exactly what to do.

I got back to the living room and tossed the PSP into his bag and he casually glanced at it as he picked the bag. He slowly walked away from the house and silence fell upon the room. Dooley and Felix followed suit and soon I was all alone with Omar and my sweet Maria. I had succeeded in getting back my love, but the police or the thugs from the Waylane Corporation would get to me soon. I knew it would happen like a nightmare coming true. I took Omar in my arms and went into my room where Maria laid on the bed.

The thought of the hour returned, how would my sweet Maria and Omar make it out of this alive? The thought wrestled with my brain till I was taken into the world of the deep.
I had a dream that night. I was atop the tallest mountain I had ever seen, below my sight was nothing but mist. There was another mountain afar, and strange creatures hovered around it. I was not afraid, even as I walked to the edge of the mountain where a nearly broken wooden bridge connected the two elevations. I walked steadily upon it, not really sure what awaited me at the end of my journey. And when I got to the middle, a powerful gust of wind came upon the bridge and instantly a strange fear gripped my heart and the bridge snapped. I closed my eyes awaiting my demise, but behold I found myself standing upon air.

I awoke at this point, my chest was pounding and upon my body was the effect of the wind gust from my dream. My body had goose bombs all over, I tried hard to think what it all meant. I mean through all the tribulations of the hours. Only two policemen died by my hand. Was it their spirits tormenting me in my sleep? No I did not think so, for I was not a believer in the fetish things. I sat a while, for truth be told I could not remember the last time I had a dream like this one.
The time was 5:30 on my wrist watch, and the room was so silent I could actually hear the swing of the hands and the rhythm brought my thoughts back to reality. Omar was crumbled in a heap on the sofa, and Maria was still sleeping on the bed. I guess I slept next to her although I could not clearly recall. Memories had been failing me this days.

I got up and went to the living room to reunite with my bottle of brandy. And it was not long before I was in a familiar realm, I blacked out and when I opened my eyes my sweet Maria was pouring a glass of cold water on my head. I yelled out as I gasped for breath. She was dressed in some of my old clothes and Omar too was looking better than me. He was bathed up, dressed in his white Adidas sneakers and a black Short. I got up at once and hurried to the bathroom, I was a drunk mess like a retired war veteran living on the streets. I knew trouble was on the move and sooner or later it would drop anchor at the house. I planned to take Omar and Maria to my grandfather’s old barn building on the border edge of Texas.

The phone rang three times before I picked it up. It was Felix Krueger and his voice was hypertensive.”The boys in blue are swarming the city for us” he yelled amidst heavy breaths from the other side, “And they have taken Dooley into custody” he added. He told me that he was planning to cross the border into Canada that I should watch my back and find a way to ditch town too. I knew the success of the one night deal was too much but I never knew the trouble would come upon us so soon. And to accumulate my worries I knew the Waylane goons would be combing the city for me as well. I wondered about Charles but I didn’t want to push my luck. Every man for himself I reasoned, plus I had an extra baggage of family to carry around.

I took Omar and Maria and a bag full of weapons and got into the very first car that drove pass the house. The period was critical and I could not afford to be a Mister nice guy. I threw the bag into the backseat of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter while Maria took Omar upon her laps and got in the front. The time was Nine O clock and the sun was starting to bake the roofings as I sped unto the street in the most reckless driving Maria had ever seen. I could see the fear in their eyes and their fear was a seed compared to mine but I could not show it, I had to give them courage. I had to believe in my good deeds from the past years, past life, whatever good omen was out there for me. I will hang onto it like a chain on a neck.

The vehicle started slowing down after about a hundred and seventy miles. The meter showed it was running out of fuel. Up ahead before we would enter the highway to Texas, there was a fuel station. I drove in and was filling the tank hurriedly, when suddenly I heard sirens behind me and from the sound I could tell they were pulling up. My heart skipped a beat. But then I took a look and discovered it was an ambulance, an elderly man in the house of the station just had a heart attack apparently. They greeted me as they hurried into the premises with a stretcher. I just found myself forcing out the most awkward smile I had ever displayed, even more awkward than when Maria gave me my first blowjob, or when I had a foursome with Jones and some hookers in Las Vegas.

I paid for the service and calmly got into the car. My heart pounding that nobody should recognize me for I was a most wanted man in the city by now. I zoomed off east with my engine leaving behind a whirlwind of smoke and dust. Omar had been staring at me for a while but I could not pay him any attention. I had to keep my eyes on the road. After a while I was patting him on the head and promising him everything would be alright when I saw a roadblock at the entrance of the highway. “Shit” things were about to get a whole lot uglier and I was no longer so sure about making it out of this ordeal alright anymore. They flagged us to stop from quiet a distance. “Think! Think! Think! Went my brain. I knew I could not afford to get caught. When two cops were coming towards the car, I shifted the throttle to the limit and zoomed headfirst into the barricade. Smashing two of the police cars as I made my getaway.

They immediately came in hot pursuit, after a few failed attempts to trap me. The chase got increasingly dangerous and Omar was starting to panic. We were now in Texan territory and the coverage was increasing. I needed to loose them quickly. So I drove the car into the heart of a mall and disembarked from the vehicle. We quickly got a change of clothes in the restroom, while I stashed the bag of guns in a ventilation shaft. “I would come back for it later” I thought. We got out of the mall with the crowd of terrified families. We just managed to slip through.
We made it to my grandfather Zebedie’s barn in quick succession of feet, as tired as the Israelites after their long trek in the desert. I knew as long as the cops could point Vulscarr my direction that he would come for me. The thought of the hour returned and this time it was much more darker and bleak.

The barn was a very old structure, erected sometime in the 1970’s it sometimes creaked and Shaked to the wind. Calm and quiet too for the power was out. Must have been like that for the past decade. With no one tending it, the structure was weak and falling apart. Omar almost swept me off my feet once or twice when rats darted pass recklessly, the stress of the past days had left a lasting impression on him. And would you blame him? We were all shaky and distant..
We took a stroll at eventide to a local diner called Oasis and had little chow for our peace. I left them halfway to the barn and went for my weapons at the mall.

I discovered Omar by accident when I moved to hide the bag of guns at an old wooden cupboard like structure at the back of the barn. It was a most satisfying structure covered all over by cobwebs, and scattered old working materials like shovels and rakes and axes and old working clothes. Omar was crumbled up in a corner sobbing silently with his face sunken into his knees in a sitting position. I grabbed him immediately and held him to my side. Oh daddy! He cried pointing to the triangular device a few feet away. I took it up in one hand and noticed it was turned on with the screen flickering on and off.

I wandered through the murky reflections of the moon that illuminated the overgrown walkway to the barn house. I left Omar on an old bed to sleep but he cried out even louder, waking Maria who was asleep in another bed close by. I felt something new, it was like an impulse, a vibration ringing through his chest. “What is going on? Cried Maria sleepily” I didn’t know when my hand landed on her face. I was angry for she was supposed to watch him while I was away. After a few more minutes he calmed down a little bit, terrified by my violent act on Maria. I held them both close to me, sincerely sorry for what I had done, and apologizing openly to my sweet Maria.

She revealed that she left Omar sleeping on the bed, and she could not recall when sleep took her. Giving no outward signs. I knew Omar must have sneaked out to the back of the barn to play with the device, but even that did not explain his traumatized state right now. We asked him to tell us what happened, and with a shaky voice; he told the weird bedtime tale.
He said he was playing with the device which he discovered that night was a brand new x-ray machine that could see through most elements and far beyond. He enumerated how he used the device to look through the barn. And how he was even able to see through his bones. We were all shocked.

He said while he played, he pointed it at the stars and saw strange visions of light and dust. That at that moment. A vague image appeared in the sky and turned back in motion when it realized that it had been detected. He said he was being chased by an unseen force, as he ran into the barn store to hide, where I found him. He had not even finished the story when the whole house was surrounded by lights and noise. I took a peep through the window and I could see four pick-up trucks loaded with Waylane thugs, and three police cars. They were all harmed and deadly. I had been found out and the pain of fear was upon me.

At least I had not dropped the bag of guns at the barn store, because of the rackass of Omar. I hid Omar and Maria under the bed while a police officer was calling for my surrender with a giant microphone. The thought of the hour returned. There was no way to make it out of this situation alive, I thought, and the house was so old, I was sure it could not provide much cover. I held an AK 47 to my side while contemplating giving up. I would have given into the thought if it was only the police after me, but I knew if I was captured that, that would mean the end for Omar and Maria too, for Vulscarr would not want any witnesses.

I stared into the old lamplight that illuminated the room and had a renewed fight in my heart. “My family would not die tonight” I declared to myself.
Before the officer could complete his countdown, the goons had started shooting. Like the words of an Oracle upon the ears of a believer, their bullets pierced through the windows and went through all in its way. I took my position by the broken glass, squated down and fought back with a few timely shots at my enemy. They responded with a flashbang grenade tossed in through the window. I shouted out for Omar and Maria as we rushed for the back door.

Light and smoke, light and smoke, light and white smoke everywhere, Omar was silent, and I was surprised why he was not crying at a terrible time like this. The explosion caught up with us, as it threw us against the wall. I was fading, fading, in and out of consciousness as my nose ran and my eyes watered. For a moment that seemed like a lifetime, I had expected that it was all over and the Waylane goons would be upon me and my family soon, but they never came. I staggered to my feet and helped up Maria and Omar, the latter who was now bleeding from the nose profusely. I had to tear up a piece of my shirt and put it against his nose holding it up.

I could hear violent screams and sporadic gunfire, and I was drenched in fear. But even more surprised I was, why the Waylane goons or police had not come for me.
I held onto my bag of guns, as I retrieved ammo for my AK 47 and led my family through the back door. And a most grotesque scene awaited us. Torn up flesh littered the outside and blood soaked the earth coloring the area red under the pale moonlight. We were all frozen stiff. I think Omar peed in his pants, the whole place was suddenly quiet and held in the keep of silence. I knew not what to say to encourage my family, speech eluded me. I just knew we had to keep moving…

Murky storm clouds hung very low in the sky and the breeze whispered strange things to the moon. We kept our heads up and walked out of the barn house into the fields. How did it suddenly become so chilly and windy? I speculated. We had walked past a few low cut groves – and that’s when I heard footsteps trekking behind us.
Omar spun around. “There’s nobody there”, I told him. But I had seen a blur of movement. Something was in motion in the groves. We shrugged and started walking again. But now I was paying attention to every sound more carefully.
And again I heard footsteps, And a dysfunctional breathing. A feeling of being watched swept over me. Someone was definitely following us.

Maria cried out for us to take a break and we stopped. And the sounds behind us stopped too. I turned around but it was difficult to envision anything in the coal-black night. The foggy dark clouds seemed to be coming down ever lower upon us. The wind whimpering and shaking the field. And the errie feeling of being watched returned with a much stronger composure.
“I have a gun. Show yourself before I bring you down” I cried, shouting over the breeze.
A figure appeared from behind the taller corn groves. Maria and Omar hid behind me as I pointed to the direction of the figure with the rifle. I looked cross eyed in the pregnant darkness, trying to envision the dim figure more clearly.

“Who are you?” My voice left my throat unstable and high. My bowels suddenly feeling empty and tight. It stepped away from the taller groves. More clearly now. A strange being. But not a man. An entity dressed up in a grey metallic suit. It took a few steps towards us. But it’s appearance was still hidden in shadow. Then moonlight washed over it and I saw it’s character more patently.
It took off it’s helmet and revealed eyes hollow and deep in their sockets. The eyeballs were a striking black but the Iris were a glowing white. It’s skin was yellow almost fading into the pale. It was almost twice the size of a regular man, I thought myself tall but in the presence of this creature I felt rather short..

We turned and ran into the fields. Omar and Maria went a direction and I went the other, I was feeling weak and it was difficult to keep moving but I knew I had to keep going. I could hear it’s pounding footsteps behind me. It was coming around from the bend. Why was he chasing us? What did it want from us?. Gasping for breath, I didn’t stop to find out. I compelled my feet to run faster.
There was lighting running across the hemisphere, dividing the sky in two. And this replayed itself again and again and again. I lowered my head as large raindrops began to chatter down. I flashed across the corn groves. I had to find my family.

I could hear his footsteps behind me still. He was getting to me. He had a heavy looking suit on, but he was running as fast as a cheetah on a chase! Balancing myself, I tried to burn more speed. But I could barely breathe.
And then I let out a mighty cry as the rifle slid out from my underarm and fired. It hit my left foot with agonizing force. No way to help myself. I descended strong. Facedown. In a mighty thud. “Shit” choking, gasping for air and bleeding profusely. I struggled to sit up. And stared up at the figure in the suit, his face hidden in gloom. Omar and Maria rushed out of nowhere to my side, and helped keeping my head on the entity in black.

“Who are you?” my sweet Maria cried. “What do you want?” I added. Silence. It stood there watching us without a sound. My wheezing breaths were the only thing traveling to the moon and the pelting of raindrops all around kept everyone cold.
And then finally, it whispered, whispered in a far metallic voice, “Balolowinner erosuda enaday walaagombe”. The sky was spinning above me, and red and yellow stars were shining above my head. I could not understand a word it was saying. Next thing I knew, it came closer to me and took out a pink gelatinous precipitate from a pouch in its suit and placed it on my wounds.

“Deireware konotei omeewano Durawene Kemaye Anei” it said as it got up from beside me. Omar and Maria were frozen stiff with fear but they all paid attention to everything the creature did. And Omar laughed when he noticed my wheezing decrease. I staggered to my feet feeling like a new born child and planted a passionate kiss on the lips of my sweet Maria. At this point, I didn’t care about the creature responsible for my recovery as it stood there observing all we were doing keenly without interest.
“Deireware konotei omeewano Durawene Kemaye Anei” It said as it came closer to me. I shook my head, indicating I did not understand. It pulled out three tiny brown capsules and handed us one each. Indicating with his hands that we should swallow them.
I wanted to gain understanding more than anything, fear was far away from me now, so I took the pill and a strange sensation traveled through my body. Veins, eyes and legs vibrating.

“I am Durawene Kemaye Anei, the third son of Kassea, the great ruler of The Seven Rings” miraculously I could understand everything it just said. I introduced myself and my family to it and it revealed it was he who aided us in the barn house with the Waylane goons and the police. And it also revealed how the x-ray machine Omar pointed at their ship had distracted his captors and he was able to get free. “I am a prince and I was kidnapped from home, you saved me” it said as it knelt down before Omar. Pledging allegiance.
The Waylane corporation was coming for the x-ray device, they would not let me be till I was dead and it was in their possession. I knew this and I could see their headlights approaching from a mile away. How could I know I was minutes away from the biggest change of my existence.

It walked through the corn field groves, and we followed tightly from behind. And as we got closer to the humming noise, there was a round flying vehicle gold in color. With three lights atop of it fluctuating in motion. The closer we got to it I realized the emmerse size of the structure. I stood with my hands on my waist as a cylinder shaped hover board descended from the craft. And the prince ascended into the mighty spaceship.

The hoverboard came down another time trailed by a blinding light. Maria put her arm around mine smiling, as I held Omar to my side. My mind changed for peace but I could not rest. My skin prickled from the sensation of the warmth air surrounding us. And then the lights on the craft shifted as we got on the hoverboard and ascended into the ship. Gun shots trailing from behind but it was too late, we had slammed the door of reality shut and floated up to a world of endless possibilities. And as I saw the four captors of the prince in some weird looking tubes oozing green blood. I realized that troubles would never cease for me and this was the beginning of another great adventure. I gripped the x-ray device to my chest and looked down at the world…it all seemed like breaking glass, breaking glass.

© Funkekeme Akposeye.