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Ìrìbọmi            i   you took your eyes off the figurine on the doctor's table &  watched a ball of water dribble down the hill of your mother's face.  she nodded as the doctor read the report in strange tongues.    after the news, you saw your body for what it...

She is my Abiku

She is my Abiku

Faruk Alfe's She Is My Abiku was shortlisted for the December 2020 Collins Elesiro Literary Prize. She is a butterfly without wingsAbiku: the storm racing through windsMaiden, folding herself in the swirl of timeA damsel eating through the walls of my heart.She took...

How our Hearts Become a Haven for Hate

How our Hearts Become a Haven for Hate

Anu Soneye's How our Hearts Become a Haven for Hate won the December 2020 Collins Elesiro Literary Prize I thought music was a cure for cancerous memories;to find great calm when loss turns a fertile fieldand agony is weed spreading without season and in this, we all...

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    A wealthy couple crazy in love seems to be leading the perfect life, but nothing is ever perfect, nothing.

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    The woman beside her was chubby and rounded and the wrappa around her waist was hostile to the brown blouse she wore. Her head-tie was faded beige and had fallen off to the ground. Her head was shaking vehemently in rebuke and her body in total rebuff of surrender. The woman kept on bustling in roars; Obara Jesus! Obara Jesus! with her hands striding in very ridiculous rhythm.

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    When we invited writers for this Issue, submissions of any theme or genre were welcomed, but especially so for works that explore the concept of journeys through the lenses of travels and tours―what it means to travel, to seek out new places. To write a story or a poem or an essay, writes Garth Greenwell, is to make a claim about what we find beautiful, about what moves us, to reveal a vision of the world, which the writers in this Issue have done with their work.

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  • I’m pleased to say that it felt like home journeying to the birth of this book. Of course home is where the “art” is. This chapbook contains 20 poems scribed from the very core of my heart.

    “Dancing With The Tides” sends a message or talks about the need to being in equilibrium with the happenings in the world and not to be too attached to one specifically.

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    Cries of a baby
    Tears of Iya Abebi
    Evil some people call life
    Isn’t it darkness that brought her to life?

    At birth she takes a sweet full
    Colostrum it is called
    Nigeria, I call Abebi
    Iya, I call her forefathers

    Abebi did not grow like others
    When a father drinks the milk,
    of the child
    Doesn’t the child’s belly get bigger?

    Abebi did not take in
    Enough milk while growing,
    even though, filled with milk and honey
    Abebi is now weaned on garri

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    In seven chapters, the narrator in this expository comic tell stories, story after story of the trending and laughable events on TwitterNg. While it appears to be ‘just for the laughs’, the narrator also exposes readers to deep memories of grief and loss experienced in the street.

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