Otosirieze Obi-Young Joins Folio Group as Editor.

Some exciting news for African writers and readers is the announcement of Otosirieze Obi-Young on his new appointment. In a post on his social page, the former Brittle Paper Editor gave a statement about the appointment.

Folio Group, is the publisher of the Daily Times Newspaper and other titles. They have announced the appointment of Otosirieze Obi-Young as editor and writer for Folio.ng.

According to his statement, he will also be involved in managing Creative Africa Exchange (CAX), owned by TMM and powered by the CNN.

“It started on 15 April, and, after weeks of discussion, today is my first as Editor of Folio NG, owned by Times Multimedia and powered by CNN. I will also be involved in managing Creative Africa Exchange (CAX), another TMM platform.

Times Multimedia’s other platforms include Daily Times newspaper, Nigeria’s oldest, and the Miss Nigeria pageantry, the country’s first. A lot of history. But we are facing the future and this is what we will build.

Folio NG will aim to tell multifocal stories with heart and bite, finding fresh perspectives from every field, and in several formats — writing, photos, videos. Think CNN’s Great Big Story, Africanized. Think a sprinkle of BuzzFeedNews and Vice. Think the overlooked extraordinary, re-presented. We will start at a point and move wider.

Creative Africa Exchange (CAX) is a consolidated platform for interaction among, and promotion of, creative industries & businesses in the continent. Think literature collaborating with technology. Think literature funded!

This is a new start for me, a new industry, and I look forward with excitement and hunger. Literature, of course, remains my home, and I am still there, not even stepping out for fresh air. But my top priority: let’s roar this place around.” – Otosirieze Obi-Young

Considering that he had not too long ago left his position at Brittle Paper, this news comes at a much needed time in the literary space. The possibilities for African literature rely on the availability of curators, editors and platforms. What Obi-Young describes in his statement as a consolidated platform gives much hope for new and bigger opportunities for the continent.

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