Just yesterday you lay by my side,
Just yesterday you were mine.
The feelings I could not hide,
And yet we did not thrive.

You took me to paradise,
You opened my eyes to a wonderful world of butterflies.
There I grew wings,
There I touched the skies.

You taught me how to love,
Unlike Lil Wayne’s ‘how to love’,
You showed me how to love.

My icy cold heart you melted with fire,
The steamy passion consumed us alive,
We relished in it’s pleasurable high.

Your curvy sides and perky breasts,
Your midas touch and sapphire eyes,
Took me higher than the peak of Everest,

Amidst sweat and saliva we professed love,
Amidst tribulations and hurdles we professed love,
Amidst tears and mushy smiles we professed even greater love.


But it was only for show,
In full colours, they shone,
Your flaws scattered like sea shells on a beach shore.


I saw the imperfections yet I loved you still,
I thought I had melted that heart made of steel,
I thought we could be real,
But I’ll heal.

Sometimes nostalgia hits,
Me, paving way for tipsy dreams,
I try not to fight it treacherous tricks,
I drown in it’s turbulent seas.

I still catch your scent in the wind,
Your face I can’t erase from my weary mind,
I still taste your lips in every sip of wine,
The dreams of you, still one of kind,

It’s been hard without you here,
Yet I breathe even with you over there,
It crazy how it seems unfair,
Yet it’s funny how you left me bare.

So maybe one of these days,
I’ll get the pride to whisper into your ears,
The words I’ve been battling for years,
Words that’ll free me from the shackles of my nightmares.

“I’m finally over you”