Words From Hell



Cries of a baby
Tears of Iya Abebi
Evil some people call life
Isn’t it darkness that brought her to life?

At birth she takes a sweet full
Colostrum it is called
Nigeria, I call Abebi
Iya, I call her forefathers

Abebi did not grow like others
When a father drinks the milk,
of the child
Doesn’t the child’s belly get bigger?

Abebi did not take in
Enough milk while growing,
even though, filled with milk and honey
Abebi is now weaned on garri



Why Words from Hell? I am sure a lot probably ran through your mind when you heard the title. The book has crafted the state of our country, Nigeria. The writer had always prayed Nigeria will begin to realise its full potential.
This book contains 25 poems in 5 different sections. The writer introduced hope in the later sections. Finally, the book also shares entirely novel thoughts which are not about Nigeria because, in the end, we are humans; nationality is a geographical description.