I learnt some valuable lessons from Tayo Bakare’s life .I learnt that marriage is not a bed of rose, that every marriage has its ups and downs, that all that glittered is not gold and not to get too desperate for marriage. I stared moodily into my glass of wine until Joseph tapped me on my knees and grinned at me.

“Come off it, Jummy. Let’s dig it on the dance floor. “He pulled me up and dragged me to the dance floor where “Kabiesi” by Falz was playing .I couldn’t help laughing because it was one of my favorite music of the moment. I remembered he was a great dancer from the company’s last End-of-the-year party and he proved it all over again. I matched him step by step and we left the dance floor, giggling like two idiots. We left the bar just after 11pm and I decided to call it a night. He pulled up in front of my house and turned off the ignition key. “I really enjoyed myself and I would like us to do this again.” Joseph said with a smile as he took my hand and toyed with my beautifully painted nails. Why would I be hanging out with you on a regular basis now or what do you have to offer me? Looking for free sex, right? I thought in amusement and rolled my eyes in the dark. “Sure, why not? “I nodded my head and the next thing he was kissing me. We had some steamy session in his car. I got down from the car and gave him the kind of blow job he would never forget in his life. He was still gasping for breath and trying to get some words out of his mouth when I took my hand bag and walked away with a naughty smile on my face!

My vacation was coming up and I needed to get out of Lagos and its environs by all means. Dollar rate was shooting up and the cost of tickets from Nigeria to anywhere in the world including our neighbor country, Ghana was killing. I called my Aunt in Abuja and told her I would be visiting. She sounded very eager to receive me and we gisted and gossiped about a few family members before we ended the call with a hearty laugh. I cheerfully handed over to the colleague relieving me on Friday as if I would be gone for more than two weeks and tidied up my house over the weekend. I left Lagos on the 5.20pm flight on Air Peace and got to Abuja by 6.40pm. Aunt Remi was already waiting for me at the arrival lounge and we drove to her home in Wuse zone two with her husband and two kids. She worked in INEC office in Abuja and also has a high class boutique shop when she sell all sort of  female wares ,undies ,shoes and bags to mention but a few. Her husband was an Engineer and had a thriving engineering firm. They have two kids, the first was a young girl of 9 years old and the second was a 7year old boy. They lived in a 3 bedroom, well furnished apartment and it was obvious they were very comfortable.

There was a young boy of about 17 year old staying with them and his name was Folabi. According to my Aunt, he was a distant cousin to her husband and since her last housemaid misbehaved and was sent away, the boy had been very useful to her. He had finished his secondary school and was awaiting the result for his West Africa examination certificate in order to gain admission into higher institution. I learnt his father was late and with several siblings waiting to be fed at home in addition to the fact that the mother didn’t have any tangible source of income, it was obvious his responsibilities had been passed on to my Aunt and her family. My Aunt sang his praise at every opportunity because he had turned himself into an indispensable house help and she wasn’t bothering to look for a replacement for the last house-maid. He was very nice to me too and was eager to run any errands for me but there was something about him that didn’t sit well with me. I let it slide and just decided to enjoy my vacation. Thank God, I won’t be doing the job of baby-sitter while on vacation, I sighed with relieve.

Within a few days of my stay in Abuja, I realized my Aunt and her husband were the typical workaholic couple that barely have time for any other thing except their source of income, even on the weekends. I usually woke up late and went to bed very late as well. We do not see at all most mornings and the reason I saw them in the evening was because I stayed up late, watching the movies. This means the kids would still be sleeping or just waking up when they were leaving for work in the morning and were usually asleep by the time they got back in the evening. Folabi was the one who took the kids to the bus stop to meet the school bus and he was usually at home in the afternoon when the kids were dropped off after school. He did the cooking most times from all the little bowls my aunt piled in the refrigerator on weekends and he helped with their home work as well. Most days, I went out on a visit to my friends in town or spent the day, dozing on and off with a thick paperback novel beside me in bed and would come out only when I was hungry.

However, whenever I happened to be in the sitting room in the afternoon, my niece, Nifemi would snuggled to my side and refused to leave. At times, she would be eager to follow me to my friend’s place and I usually don’t mind unless it was late.

Nifemi was a beautiful little girl who was fast growing into her teen body with budding little breasts, smooth glowing fair skin and long legs .she was a slim girl and anyone with eyes could see she would grow into a very beautiful young lady very soon. She was also very quiet and wasn’t the talkative I used to know the last time I visited few years ago .I thought she grew out of it.

One afternoon, I was watching a Nigerian movie on Africa magic that was particularly erotic but immediately I saw her come into the sitting room, I switched the channel to Disney junior. She sat down beside me and snickered behind her palm, covering her mouth. “Aunty Jummy, you don’t need to change the channel, I know what they are doing. “She said with a quiet smile. “What are they doing? “I asked without a change of expression. “They are making love now. “She answered without looking at me. “What is the meaning of making love, Nifemi?” I turned to face her squarely and she started shifting on the seat uncomfortably. “I mean they are having sex. Is there any big deal about it? “She said glanced at me and away. “What do you know about sex?” I asked calmly and her silence started worrying me seriously. “Nifemi, I am talking to you.” I said quietly and she fidgeted in her seat. “Nothing” She mumbled in a barely audible voice and I kept staring at her. “Aunt Jummy, I don’t know anything. I swear “she said in a voice barely above a whisper and my heart started hammering in my chest because it was obvious she was lying. “It is okay, dear. I was going out anyway. “I stood up and heard her released a sigh of relieve. “Can I come along, Aunt Jummy? Please? “She pleaded as she stood up too and I nearly gave in but my plan was forming in my head already. “No, you can’t come along but I will soon be back. “I said with a smile, kissed her smooth cheek and went to the room to change. I left the house, walked round the building and started stalking around the open windows. I saw Bolu, the younger brother left the house shortly after I left and with dread, I went from window to window until I got to the window of the room I shared with Nifemi. What I saw left my mouth hanging open, my throat burning and anger coursing through my vein like a hurricane!