She is curled up in a dark cave several leagues from her village. Sweat drips from her forehead down to her cracked feet as she looks up at the stones which she has used to seal the caves’ mouth. She shudders in fear at what is about to happen. She can still hear the terrible sounds of the infamous sticks that spit fire.  The stones can only hold on for so long and when it does crumble…death.


Marakas is the name of her village; the place was once known for its peacefulness and outstanding beauty. But all of that is no more.

Its inhabitants have succumbed completely to the poison that is The Doctors.

This tall breed of people with their white garments and black ropes around their necks had come from the vast desert surrounding Marakas during the great famine that took her people unawares. People had died like flies. The Doctors had come with a sweet dessert called “Apple” and an equal barrage of sweet words which gave them hope that they could fight the hunger.

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Carts upon carts of this food heralded their presence into Marakas and a system was put in place to distribute this food evenly; one apple a day per person until a more permanent solution to their hunger was found.

Soon enough they began to notice the changes this new food provoked. Instead of quenching the hunger that plagued them, this food increased it to the point they fought each other to get more than the normal ration.

The Doctors used this to their advantage. Anyone who wanted more food would have to give up their soul to them. No one knew what a soul was and so they all agreed by signing a parchment with blood from the nape of their necks.

It wasn’t until she had a bloody machete in her right hand and munching on an apple that did not belong to her that she came to realize what she had done and what would continue to happen if she stayed in Marakas.

She fled only to find out The Doctors were after her for reasons she could not fathom.

Trying to hide from them led her to this cave.

She does not know how long she will last because they will not rest until they find her.