Lovers at war

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    General William Stone, the valiant Spanish Mercenary Warlord dated Juliet, the adored jewel of Alberto Family for six years. His called up to the Spanish-France war led the flowery Juliet to marry Mayor Patrick Bay, the wealthy Melillan royalty.

    William returned at the end of the five years long war only to insist retrieving back his Juliet from Mayor. This led to fierce battle of lovers. And the story just begin here.

    William and Juliet is a great story that unveils a great truth: that we can avoid the unnecessary wars that often smoldered gorgeous citadel of love and shattered lovers’ life; that we can come out of the storming, cloudy fumes that often wreck relationships and abort glorious destiny.

    This novel challenges your love-life with great didactic values and heartrending edifying punctures. Read on.

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