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    Arise Nigeria is a collection of poems that documents the pain of every Nigerian while issuing positive measures to oust the different menaces where the country has found itself. The richness of this chapbook lies in the depth different writers went in scribbling their hearts.

    Nigeria is at the stage where the crows of the cock have been suppressed and the fish in danger of swimming in its own domain.; a center stage of having a surplus of meat yet, feasting on strong bones with sweat emanating from different pores of the body.

    For the sake of jilted souls and diverse anomalies in this entity, the cries have gotten to its peak hence, the book.

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    ‘A Rose For My Country’ is a collection of 18 beautiful poems on recent and contemporary massacres, bombings and rioting in Nigeria from 1967 till date.
    The collection is a wakeup call to affected and non-affected Nigerians as they may just wake up one morning and find their skin ripped off from their body.

    It’s also an eye opener on how far the rate of massacres and bombings has immensely increased in Nigeria from late 1960s till date with concrete records of places, time and dates where these happened with deep metaphors describing the scenes, and how victims were victimized.

    A rose for my country is a collection of poems every Nigerian should lay hands on, so as not to be left in the dark, waiting for light, sometimes we need to fit in God’s shoes to create them.

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